AI-Powered Applicant Tracking

Better Value. Superior Candidates. More Hires.

Get improved job marketing tools, higher quality talent acquisition, and deeper business intelligence insights with Ceipal’s core recruiting model. Our best-in-class candidate tracking system supports all essential functions, with time-saving and performance-enhancing new features released monthly.

Candidate Ranking

Sort candidates by desirable skills and review the most viable contenders first.

Candidate Relevance

Automatic filtering highlights which candidates are most compatible based on experience.

AI Chatbot

Automate high-volume activities and improve candidate engagement with conversational AI.

Integration of 25+ Job Boards

Ceipal offers a range of integrated free and paid job board options to all users, allowing them to self-select their favorites to build their individual databases.

Integrated Search Functionality

By utilizing integrated paid and unpaid job boards, Ceipal allows users to write a single job description once and post it everywhere. On top of this, many of the specific integrations included result in increased overall search functionality.

For example, our integration with Dice IntelliSearch uses proprietary machine learning technology to help recruiters source and engage skilled, relevant candidates in a matter of seconds from their ever-expanding talent pool.

AI-Powered Passive Candidate Sourcing

This new feature allows recruiters to tap into the pool of passive candidates that are not actively seeking a new position (which is ~70% of the workforce). Gaining insight into this additional pool adds overall candidate quality.

Within Ceipal, recruiters can source this type of talent, in which the algorithm gains data from public domain sites (like Google and Github) to deliver the highest qualified candidates directly to their dashboard. This sourcing includes both passive and active candidates, giving the recruiters the best possible candidates available for each position.

AI-Powered Ranking & Matching

Using artificial intelligence, Ceipal can instantly identify the most-qualified and relevant candidates for any given position, and share them directly within the recruiter’s dashboard in order of best fit. This ranking essentially reads through the job requirements, then sources the candidates across the many job boards based on desirable skills – as well as additional specifications, such as the likelihood of the candidate accepting the position.

If the recruiter sees a great candidate, they can even “clone” the candidate to see others within their database that have similar profiles, ranking them in order by closest match.

Managed Resume Harvesting

With our managed resume harvesting capabilities, recruiters are given a process that automates the searching and downloading of applicant profiles into their private, internal databases (which is usually a manual process). By allowing Ceipal’s artificial intelligence to manage job board credits and spending, the most qualified candidates will be automatically sourced across the selected job boards, allowing the recruiter to spend more time interacting with the potential hires.

The recruiter has full control over this feature and can schedule the harvesting in their non-work hours if they desire, as well as ensure it pulls the exact amount the recruiter sets the limit to.

Two-Way Email Plug-ins

Centralizes all customer, vendor, applicant, and lead communications within a single interface to save time by avoiding redundant data entry. It also increases visibility of all communication exchanges directly within the ATS.

Google Chrome Plug-in

Ceipal’s Google Chrome plug-in allows recruiters to parse, migrate, and save profiles of applicants from anywhere on the internet (including their favorite job boards) through the Google Chrome browser.

Native Device Plug-in

The Ceipal platform has an open API, making integrations with other software and systems an easy and painless process.

Customized Reporting

We offer the ability to create fully customized reports, in addition to the existing set of reports, to track and act on the parameters that specifically matter to our clients and their business goals. Every report generates a beautifully designed and interactive graph so users can immediately understand the data that matters most.