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First Advantage Integration

First Advantage Integration

Decrease time to hire with efficient and thorough background checks, managing risk, and hiring with complete information.

What Is It?

At Ceipal, we believe in combining software for increased productivity. Our integration with First Advantage allows administrators to configure their First Advantage Client ID to Ceipal’s platform.

How Does It Work?

It’s as simple as logging into the platform — really. Team leaders just need to assign the integration to the teams who need it, streamlining workflow from the top down. From there, recruiters can initiate the onboarding process directly from a candidate’s profile. Recruiters can also check the status of the background check in real time, so everyone’s on the same page.

Why First Advantage + Ceipal?

At Ceipal, we’re dedicated to providing our recruiters with the best software for the easiest hires. Other ATSs make their clients log in and out of the platform to do things like background checks, resulting in slowed productivity. No recruiter should have to do that. That’s why at Ceipal, we integrate with 100+ softwares in the HR ecosystem at no additional cost. After all, productivity doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. And with Ceipal, it’s not.

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