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What is Passive Candidate Sourcing?

What is Passive Candidate Sourcing?

Did you know that passive candidates make up 75% of the total talent market? Engage these candidates today with Ceipal.

What Is Passive Candidate Sourcing?

Passive candidate sourcing is proactively searching for employed candidates and reaching out to them with new job opportunities.

Who Are Passive Candidates?

Passive candidates are those who are not actively seeking a new job. Semi-active job seekers are those who have a full-time job but are looking for better opportunities.

What Is The Total Candidate Universe?

The total candidate universe includes passive candidates, semi-active candidates, and active job seekers.

How Does Passive Candidate Sourcing Solve Talent Acquisition Problems?

Over 75% of the total candidate universe is passive candidates. These candidates are not actively seeking new jobs, but they’re open to opportunities that fit their goals. Additionally, passive candidates are easier to engage because you are the only potential employer interviewing that candidate. In most cases, passive candidates represent themselves accurately because they already have a stable job.

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Ceipal + dotin Integration

Ceipal is a strategic partner of dotin, a company that leverages a large curated passive candidate database using Ceipal’s AI search engine algorithms. Through this integration, users can reach a large section of qualified passive candidates or “Ceipal’s Passive Talent Cloud.”

Ceipal + dotin Passive Candidate Sourcing FAQs

How do we curate passive candidates?

According to LinkedIn statistics, 75% of the global workforce is made up of passive talent who aren’t actively job searching, 15% are semi-active and the remaining 15% are active job seekers. We strongly believe in providing valid, and compliant data to every customer. Working with multiple channels like Full Contact, Pipl, Peopledatalab, Mixrank and ZoomInfo to enable GDPR, CCPA, and FERPA compliant candidates. For every job posting, authenticated, aligned, and compliant candidates are served per job postings at one click of a button.

How often is it updated?

Daily updates are made to our massive database (480 million-plus passive candidate profiles), ensuring that each profile is refreshed monthly.

How does integration with Ceipal + dotin work?

Ceipal and dotin have seamless integration and passive candidate sourcing can be accessed through your current Ceipal account.

How is the alignment of passive candidates achieved?

Using a job title and description, our patented AI technology provides a qualified list of passive candidates based on aligning to their skills and cultural values and are optimized per the unique requirements for each position. The prioritized list provides contact info and communication cues, such as conversation-starting tips and incentive program ideas, that help you attract the right candidate to your team.

What is the science behind the assessment?

dotin’s cognitive models allow for real-time prioritization based on job, team, and skill alignment based on industry-standard ONET features. The algorithm analyzes various personality identifiers, such as word choice and sentence formation in candidate resumes and profiles, to ensure ultimate placement fitment. These models have been tested and validated through rigorous internal experimentation and calibration as well as external business cases. Because the models do not incorporate data that induces subjectivity (gender, race, ethnicity, facial expressions, and contours), they’re able to deliver exceedingly accurate and bias-free outcomes.

How does the Work From Home (WFH) filtering work?

The dotin work from home model predicts an individual’s ability to work in a remote environment without becoming overwhelmed, disengaged, and unproductive i.e. Resiliency. The model identifies which individuals have the potential to be resilient. The values assessed are adaptability/flexibility, cooperation, independence, persistence, self-control, and stress tolerance.

Why is it important?

According to LinkedIn statistics, 70% of the global workforce is made up of passive talent who aren’t actively job searching, and the remaining 30% are active job seekers. Thus it is very important to identify critical insights that can transform the passive candidate to an employee. Critical insights beyond skills, like their incentives, workplace values, ability to work from home, and engagement insights will help in swift conversion at a fraction of the cost. Ceipal-dotin passive-sourcing addresses this very problem. Our powerful, unbiased AI makes it easy to find passive candidates with the exact skills and deep insights you need to enable quick conversions. And finding them in as little as 10 minutes at fractional cost makes it easy to secure them before they receive other offers.

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