Robust Reports. Detailed Analysis. Deeper Insights.

Recruitment Analytics Dashboard

Harness the power of big data. Our industry-leading business intelligence platform offers flexible, on-demand, and user-driven analytics through our advanced reporting capabilities and personalized dashboards. Beautifully designed, interactive, and completely customizable, Ceipal’s business intelligence equips your team with information to make data-driven decisions. With Ceipal, you’re only one click away from actionable insights that inform more strategic decisions for best business practices.

Built-in Reports

Access dozens of built-in reports on critical industry metrics to track your recruitment progress.

Interactive Dashboards

Transform your homepage into a dashboard of interactive and real-time reports.

Total Customization

Track your metrics and KPIs by creating unlimited customized reports and dashboards on company-wide performance.

Custom Reporting

Enjoy complete control over your business intelligence. Everything in Ceipal’s reporting center is customizable. Whether you design a report specific to your process, modify a pre-existing report, or want the data arranged in a different graph, Ceipal is flexible and adaptable. Plus, every generated report is interactive, so you can always drill down into details and zoom out for the big picture. 

Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use Graphical Reports

Immediately understand the data that matters most. With both built-in and user-created reports, Ceipal generates easy-to-read graphs so you can instantly gauge progress and performance. You can change the style of graph on-demand, creating pie charts, clustered columns, and even 3D graphs for sophisticated business intelligence. 

Recruitment Analytics Dashboard

Transform your homepage into a wealth of actionable insights. With Ceipal, you can pin your favorite report straight to your homepage, creating a personalized dashboard of business intelligence. These dashboards update in real time so you can track day-to-day growth and progress. Every dashboard is completely customizable as well, so you can tailor their homepage to their needs. Or, you can publish dashboards across your teams for streamlined information sharing.

Role Specific Dashboards

Get the exact data you need. Pre-programmed with role-specific dashboards, Ceipal equips you with analytics for your job, whether you’re a recruiter, team manager, or executive. Every role-specific dashboard can be customized as needed, so you control the data you track.

Scheduling & Automating Reports

Keep your team up to date. Once a report or dashboard is created, you can publish this data across teams so everyone is on the same page. You can “subscribe” to critical reports to receive the latest information in your inbox or in the platform on a regular basis.