Leave Management

Create Your Calendar

Set holidays & policies so employees know when they’re expected to work.

Leave Management

Calculate Loss

See how much time/money you lose in productive hours based on days off.

Leave Management

Mobile Leave Management System

Get all core leave management features through the mobile app.

Effortless Leave Management for Recruiters

Spend less time managing employee leaves

And give them access to manage it themselves.

  • Configure leave policies & approval work flows
  • Set automated leave requests & approval reminders
  • Track available & used leaves
  • Define multi-level leave accrual policies
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Effortless Leave Management for Recruiters
Mobile Leave Management System
Mobile Leave Management System

Mobile Leave Management System

Oversee hours off, even on the go

And keep track of productive hours lost.

  • Monitor employee time off and approve or reject absences
  • Calculate loss of productive hours
  • Keep data safe with multi-layered security features

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Leave Management System for Recruiters

Taking Time Off

Requesting time off has never been easier thanks to WorkForce’s leave management system. Whether it’s a sick day, a vacation, paid time off, or any other type of leave your company offers, it can be set in WorkForce. Let your employees see all their options when making requests and easily submit and notify approvers with just a few clicks. View leaves for any employee you wish and see who has been approved, rejected, or paid for time off; who has submitted hours and are waiting on approval; and even those who have drafted a request but not made it yet. Everything you need to know is now in one spot thanks to CEIPAL.

Attendance Tracking

Leave management doesn’t just apply to vacations, it can also be applied to day-to-day attendance. If it’s critical to your business to keep track of who is working on any given day, WorkForce’s Attendance feature lets you mark full or partial absences on a daily basis, allowing you to automatically update working hours for each employee. This then reflects into their leaves, so those non-working hours can be accepted/rejected by their respective approver as appropriate.

Custom Approval Flows

As with most aspects of WorkForce, you can customize your time off approval flow however it suits your company best. Are holidays exempt from work time off? Then set it automatically with no approver. Does a sick day need to go through a manager, but vacation time through HR? No problem, set different approvers for different flows. You can even set approval on behalf of others, so a team lead can delegate vacations and time off to selected employees. Any way your company works can be reflected in CEIPAL’s robust leave management system.

Custom Accrual Policies

CEIPAL understands that not all employees in a company earn time off at the same rate, which is why WorkForce allows for custom configuration of time-off accrual policies. Whether it be one specific employee or an entire department, set as many or few policies as you need. Then, assign policies to employees as appropriate and never again worry about making exceptions or additions to someone’s policy; let WorkForce do the math and assign available time off as required. Reduce errors and increase productivity with WorkForce’s easy, one-time time-off setup.

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