Customized Reporting

Generate specific reports & timesheets based on any data you choose.


Simplified Invoicing

Configure reports, attach timesheets/bills, & integrate with QuickBooks.


Mobile Timesheet Software

Submit timesheets at any time of day, no matter where you are.

Ceipal Workforce Timesheets Management

Easily track billable hours

And better organize—and manage—your financials.

  • Maintain daily, weekly, or monthly timesheets
  • Quickly identify timesheet defaulters & send reminders about submission
  • View all timesheet data on a single screen & make bulk updates when necessary
  • Export all timesheet data for further analysis
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Ceipal Workforce Timesheets Management
Timesheets with Time Clock

Timesheets with Time Clock

Track time to specific tasks

And ensure all working hours are documented.

  • Easily clock in & out of work
  • Track task start & end time and any breaks during the day
  • Automatically set hours as Standard time, Overtime, & Doubletime for easy billing
  • Configure rules to comply with company and/or state working policies
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Simplify the invoicing process

And send customized, professional invoices with the click of a button.

  • Generate invoices from integrated timesheets & expenses
  • Set automated invoice due date reminders
  • Easily attach timesheets & expense bills
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks online/desktop
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Status Reports

Create fully customizable status reports

And keep an accurate record of placement-specific employee tasks

  • Utilize drag-and-drop functionality to create personalized reports
  • Link status reports to employee placements & placement-level tasks
  • Trigger a message for report completion at set intervals
  • Receive notifications for filling & submit status reports directly via email
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Mobile Timesheets
Mobile Timesheets

Mobile Timesheets

Submit timesheets on the go

And never miss payroll again.

  • Access easy “click and submit” user interface from various devices
  • Approve or reject timesheets
  • Keep data safe with multi-layered security features

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Recruitment Agency Timesheet Software

Time Tracking

Not only does WorkForce let you maintain timesheets at whatever frequency you chose (daily, weekly, or monthly), you can even set up custom schedules and approval flows based on your company’s unique hierarchy. You have the ability to quickly identify timesheet defaulters and send friendly reminders for your employees to submit their hours. It’s even possible to make bulk updates to multiple timesheets without needing to spend time editing every sheet. Once you know the data is correct, easy exporting gives you the ability to further analyze and manipulate different variables to find out exactly what you need from your recruitment agency timesheet software.

Live Time Clock

Even better than maintaining timesheets is the ability to track time live as it’s happening! By being able to track time to specific tasks, you can ensure all working hours are documented. Employees have the ability to easily clock into and out of work,  track task start and end times, as well as make note of any breaks taken throughout the day. The time clock will even give you the ability to set your hours as standard, overtime, or double time in order to accurately reflect pay for invoicing. Rules can even be configured to match the company/state’s working policies, so you never have to worry about compliance. 

Effortless Invoicing

The entire invoicing process is simplified thanks to smart integrations and easy customization. By having WorkForce work directly with QuickBooks, there’s no need to manually transfer data into that system. Instead, stay within CEIPAL and let the integration automatically move the data. Set custom reminders for doing invoicing work and even set custom approval flows as information moves from timesheets to invoicing. Plus, your timesheet dashboard instantly highlights invoiced time, so you never have to second guess the status of anyone’s timesheets. 

Work From Mobile

The best part about time tracking and invoicing in WorkForce is that is isn’t confined to your desk. With both an iPhone and Android app, you can take your important information with you wherever you go. Review, approve, or reject timesheets on the go and have easy access across your devices.  Finish your work from mobile without fear; thanks to multi-layered security features, all information is safe no matter where it goes.