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Ceipal Launches AI-Driven Technology To Address the Diversity Gap at Its Source

Ceipal Launches AI-Driven Technology To Address the Diversity Gap at Its Source

Talent Management Platform Now Enables Organizations to Evaluate and Close Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI) Gaps to Build a Diverse and Qualified Workforce 

ROCHESTER, NY — October 13, 2021 — Ceipal, an industry-leading talent management platform, today launched the industry’s first AI-driven solution to address diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within any organization’s workforce and across all talent acquisition sources. Ceipal’s groundbreaking, patent-pending DEI solution leverages advanced AI technology to empower hiring organizations with complete visibility into their own workforce and hiring processes, then helps to fill any diversity gaps.

This AI-driven technology enables HR and talent acquisition professionals to automatically assess key demographic gaps, while outlining a clear and realistic path to meet specific DEI goals. Ceipal’s DEI solution integrates all hiring sources and data points into a single talent container, offering organizations access to the most diverse and qualified talent that is globally available, while also providing the necessary tools to engage and hire the best candidate for any job.  

“Workforce Management” estimates that companies spend a combined $8 billion on diversity and inclusion efforts annually. Statistics from Glassdoor indicate 67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunities, and half of current employees want their workplace to increase diversity. These factors combined have made DEI goals critical to the success of any organization hoping to compete in the talent acquisition sector.

Ceipal’s DEI solution consists of five unique capabilities to address today’s diversity gap and ensure any candidate search results in the acquisition of the best available talent, regardless of background or gender. Ceipal’s DEI features include:

  • DEI Assessment Tool. Ceipal patent-ending DEI technology plugs into virtually any system or database to enable any organization to audit temp hires, contingent labor, or any other talent source, and to measure gender and diversity via a simple list of employee/candidate names and locations.
  • Talent Container. Ceipal equips staffing professionals with a new layer of capabilities that enable organizations to consolidate and continuously update the most powerful sourcing database in the industry. Ceipal’s patent-pending DEI capabilities enable hiring organizations to integrate and index every conceivable talent source via any category, including demographics, and uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to sort, rank, and match every available data point as needed within a single “talent container.” 
  • Advanced AI Engines. By connecting ATS platforms and AI engines, Ceipal enables recruiters to instantly find, rank, and even “clone” matches within any database, while also enabling passive candidate sourcing and resume harvesting. Integration with any major job board ensures diverse sourcing to affect the best possible hiring decision for any search. Ceipal’s machine-learning algorithms are demographically aware and easily applied to every talent source, using advanced AI to bridge an organization’s data gaps and create a diverse, qualified workforce.  
  • Diverse Engagement. Ceipal’s workforce management technology manages the entire process of hiring and procuring new talent with engagement capabilities that include employee-/candidate- centric onboarding, automated communications with clients and candidates via their preferred means of communicating across a diverse set of channels such as SMS, email, and phone. This ensures that the hiring process is inclusive to the world’s top global talent.
  • Data Analytics. Ceipal’s advanced algorithms help organizations easily identify where DEI efforts are succeeding and/or falling short, outlining realistic goals and plans to meet them, while also automating steps to easily and quickly close candidates and improve DEI efforts.

“Now that digital transformation has reached every corner of the HR & staffing sector, it’s time to leverage advanced, ai-driven technology to solve our most complex challenges such as the creation of a more diverse and qualified workforce,” said Ceipal CEO Sameer Penakalapati. “A diverse workforce begins with diverse hiring, which requires a more robust and diverse talent source, and Ceipal’s AI-driven DEI technology provides exactly that, while automating the entire process and measuring improvement metrics from start to finish.”

Ceipal is the first and only talent management platform to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to automatically measure diversity, equity and inclusivity at the talent source based on a simple list of names and locations. For more information about Ceipal’s DEI solution or for a product demonstration, please visit our Diversity page.

About Ceipal

Ceipal is an AI-powered SaaS platform that provides full-lifecycle management of the talent acquisition process. Our system leverages advanced technology to analyze vast amounts of candidate and employee data, providing actionable insights for meeting hiring goals and executing talent strategies. With robust solutions for pipeline curation, candidate engagement & marketing, applicant tracking, and workforce management, Ceipal helps staffing firms, MSPs, and corporate hiring teams of all sizes to attract and retain the best available talent. Ceipal was founded in 2015 and now serves 1,600+ customers and 120,000 recruiters globally.