simplify tasks. streamline communications. Transform recruiting.

Ceipal Copilot AI-Driven Recruiting Assistant

Buried in resumes and recruiting tasks? Meet your new AI-driven recruiting assistant! Ceipal Copilot leverages advanced AI-generated responses and evaluation to simplify, streamline, and transform your recruitment process. Whether you need to reach out to candidates with personalized emails or SMS messages, quickly summarize profiles, or identify the best submissions for further evaluation, Copilot has you covered.

Simplify Workflows

Copilot automates tasks for maximum efficiency, ensuring a seamless and effective hiring experience.

Quickly Engage

Create personalized candidate emails and SMS messages in a flash.

Increase Productivity

Copilot assists recruiters with manual tasks, supercharging efficiency and productivity.

Job Posting

Compelling Job Summaries: Develop engaging job summaries and job-share information with ease, improving understanding and readability.

Customized Assessment Questions: Construct tailored assessment questions to evaluate applicants’ skills accurately. Customize your assessments for difficulty level to align with each job’s requirements.

Boolean Search Queries: Build complex Boolean search queries tailored to specific job requirements and identify the most relevant applicants from your database, simplifying candidate search processes.

Custom Communications

Tailored Communication: Craft personalized emails, SMS messages, and follow-up correspondence to keep candidates informed and engaged throughout the recruitment process.

Personalized Screening Questions: Create customized screening questions focused on specific hiring needs, ensuring a more efficient identification of suitable candidates.

Submission Management

Applicant Profile Summarization: Summarize applicant profiles to provide insights into their qualifications and experience, facilitating more efficient screening.

Applicant Relevancy Check: Identify best-fit candidates from internal databases by verifying how well they match job requirements.