Find more talent, reach more candidates & make more placements with CEIPAL.

Manage your entire recruitment lifecycle, from sourcing to submission, using CEIPAL. Our AI-powered talent acquisition platform will help you connect with more & better talent in less time, making your day-to-day that much easier.

You’re Tasked With…

CEIPAL Offers…

So You Can…

You’re Tasked With…

Marketing Job Requirements

CEIPAL Offers…

So You Can…

+50 Job Board, Social Media, & Career Portal Integrations

Get your job in front of hundreds of candidates in a single click

Built-In SMS Platform

Personally contact top-tier candidates via text for optimized response times

Mass Email & Mail Merge

Send urgent requirements to your entire database with 90% email deliverability

Branded Career Portal

Convert your website visitors into a qualified talent pool of applicants

You’re Tasked With…

Sourcing Applicants

CEIPAL Offers…

So You Can…

Passive Candidate Sourcing

Double your candidate pool by discovering a new market of passive talent

Integrated Job Board Search

Search your internal database & subscribed job boards simultaneously for best-in-class talent

AI-Powered Candidate Ranking & Matching

Instantly identify shortlists of top tier candidates with parsed resumes, using artificial intelligence

Managed Resume Harvesting

Automatic refresh your internal database with quality resumes for consistent new talent

Google Chrome Plug-In

Parse, migrate & save profiles of candidates from anywhere on the internet (including job boards)

You’re Tasked With…

Screening Candidates

CEIPAL Offers…

So You Can…

Background Check Integrations

Initiate background checks with your chosen provider without leaving the platform

Employment Assessment Modules

Define & run employee assessments to screen all new applicants & candidates

Video Screening Platform

Ask applicants to submit video introductions for an initial screen interview

You’re Tasked With…

Engaging Candidates

CEIPAL Offers…

So You Can…

Mobile App

Make sure you're available for your top-pick candidates at all hours

Automated Email & SMS

Schedule messages & reminders in advance so you're consistently in touch with candidates

VOIP Integrations

Call candidates & record conversations without leaving the CEIPAL platform

You’re Tasked With…

Interviewing Candidates

CEIPAL Offers…

So You Can…

Interview Integrations

Schedule interviews on your platform of choice, looping in team members & candidates

Automated Reminders

Book everyone's calendar & send automated reminders to streamline the interview process