Spend Less Time on Operations & More time on Relationships.

Healthcare Billing & Invoicing

Billing and invoicing is a critical component to business, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle and take a lot of time. Ceipal Healthcare enables healthcare staffing and recruiting professionals to spend less time handling required administrative tasks, so they can spend more time with candidates and clients. 

Timesheet Submission & Approval

Quickly and easily create, submit, and approve timesheets directly within Ceipal Healthcare to simplify processes, drive further productivity and efficiency, and enhance candidate and client experiences. Employees can stay up to date with deadlines, policies, and new tasks from their personalized dashboards, streamlining back-office work for better results.

Invoice Creation

Simplify your financial management with Ceipal Healthcare’s invoicing. Healthcare staffing and recruiting professionals can calculate various pay and expense rates, as well as create, deliver, and approve cost sheets and invoices directly within a single platform.

Ceipal’s invoicing provides real-time tracking, improves accuracy and efficiency, ensures compliance, and enhances client and talent relations. Employees will receive automated reminders to submit timesheets, making financial management a breeze. 

Integrated for Greater Efficiency

With Ceipal Healthcare’s U.S. General Services Administration integration, you never have to switch back and forth between windows. Healthcare staffing and recruiting professionals can calculate meals, incidentals, daily lodging rates, and more directly and automatically from Ceipal’s single platform for overall improved productivity and efficiency.