Attract, Engage, and Hire the Best Talent With Ceipal’s Total Talent Acquisition Platform

Find, engage, and onboard the best candidates with Ceipal’s integrated GDPR-compliant ATS + VMS. With unparalleled visibility, actionable insights, and engagement, convert your database into a talent powerhouse.

Manage the Total Talent Acquisition Lifecycle

The World’s Leading Brands Rely on Ceipal To Find Top Talent

Once you use Ceipal’s artificial intelligence, you won’t go back. It saves time & money while building better relationships. My team & I trust the AI completely.

Director of Recruiting | BTG

If a client decides not to interview a candidate, it’s critically important that the candidate we select be a good fit, otherwise, we could quickly lose our credibility. Ceipal’s AI-Powered People Analytics proved extremely useful, providing personality assessments of candidates while gauging their ‘cultural fit’ with each client.

Chief Operating Officer | Managed Staffing

I’ll be on Ceipal until I sell the business. And then the business will still be on Ceipal. It’s a great product, it’s priced well, and the support is unbelievable. Why would you use anything else?

President | The Agency

Ceipal’s Total Talent Acquisition Solutions

Enable your recruiters to hire faster and better with Ceipal solutions that best suit your business.

For Staffing Firms

  • Attract and acquire the best talent for your clients by reducing 70% of your recruiters’ mundane work
  • Build candidate databases of active and passive talent and auto-publish jobs across job boards and social media
  • Manage end-to-end recruitment — and with complete recruitment analytics

For MSPs & System Integrators

  • Seamlessly manage both your full-time and contingent workforce in a single platform
  • Effectively leverage Ceipal’s proprietary VMS to validate supplier data and predict your successful hires
  • Handle requisitions automatically with integrated timekeeping and invoicing

For Corporations

  • Track, analyze, and engage with candidates from job boards, employee referrals, and career sites — all within the same platform
  • Build robust talent containers to engage with candidates within the CRM and easily build an amazing employer brand
  • Make data-driven decisions by leveraging predictive analytics

Ceipal by the Numbers

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Ceipal offers integrations with 165+ job boards, social media apps, productivity solutions, VMS providers, and much more. Explore the wide range of integrations tailored to your business requirements—all without ever leaving the platform.

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We Ensure the Security of Your Data

SOC2 Compliance

We are one of the first ATS platforms to be SOC2 compliant, meaning all our internal procedures and controls meet set security measures.

Data Encryption

All sensitive data is securely encrypted in the database and decrypted only if accessed by authorized users using industry-standard encryption algorithms.


We follow security best practices, including one-time passwords for technical support, optional two-step verification, and IP restrictions to ensure user authorization.

GDPR Compliance

Utilizing continuous privacy control and monitoring, we ensure all data entering our system is compliant with data protection requirements imposed by EU GDPR.