As a recruiter, your job is all about finding, hiring & placing top candidates for your clients. CEIPAL is here to help with all aspects of the job, from identifying vacancies all the way through onboarding.

Market Jobs

Post to 25+ job boards & social media channels

And source a more diverse pool of better-qualified candidates.

  • Allocate job listing credits to control who can post jobs
  • Update jobs at set intervals to keep listings visible and up to date
  • Fulfilled applications from job boards feed directly back to the platform
Market Jobs
Manage Candidates

Manage Candidates

Maximize candidate communication

And ensure no applicants are lost in the process.

  • Add, review, & manage candidates from several sources
  • Individually or mass contact candidates via job board messaging, email, & SMS
  • Utilize VOIP & video calls for candidate communication

Screening & Selection

Simplify the reviewing, interviewing, & hiring process

And make it easier to find—and select—the right candidates.

  • Easily schedule interviews with multiple team members
  • Send automated scheduling notifications to candidates & interviewers
  • Accurately assess candidates with notes/comments
  • Utilize integrated video screening with Skype, SparkHire, & Jobma
Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow

Create fully customizable approval workflows

And set as many approval layers as you need.

  • Employ different workflows for different vacancies
  • Set automated reminders
  • Easily track workflow & job requisition status

Requisition Management

Streamline the job requisition process

And find the right candidates in less time.

  • Create & post templates for recurring vacancies
  • Automatically publish jobs across multiple platforms
  • Generate comprehensive reports & export in several formats
Requisition Management
VMS Integrations

VMS Integrations

Integrate with 25+ VMS portals

And eliminate data entry with automated no-touch distribution.

  • Let the system automatically & instantaneously post jobs to multiple job boards
  • Distribute jobs to various recruiters based on specific system configurations
  • Automatically pull notes, chart messages, & updates from the VMS into the platform

Mass Email Distribution

Schedule & send personalized emails

And integrate seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365.

  • Maximize deliverability with email validation & cleanup
  • Create custom templates
  • Track opens, unsubscribes, & bounces

Bulk Résumé Parsing

Parse multiple résumés

And automatically create applicant profiles.

  • Upload documents or copy & paste data to create applicant profiles
  • Parse any résumé with the Windows, Chrome, & Office 365 plug-ins
  • Import résumés from OneDrive, DropBox & Google Cloud platforms
  • Update profiles automatically without creating duplicates

Integrated Job Board Search

Cast a wide net

And find the best candidates from various sources.

  • Search for talent by skills, location, keywords, & more
  • Email and text prospects from the platform
  • View & organize aggregated applicant profiles from multiple job boards
  • Save credits through auto-checking for duplicate profiles migrated by other recruiters
Placement Data

Placement Data

View complete candidate information

And see all the details in one clean, actionable view.

  • Review & record candidate performance across various stages
  • Set custom reminders for placements & project end dates
  • View any candidate’s Master Placement Sheet and export for analysis

Market Jobs

Market your benched candidates efficiently

And improve intra-company coordination to employ them.

  • View all open jobs suitable for candidates from multiple job boards
  • Submit bench consultants for jobs across various job boards
  • Allow multiple employees access to submit bench consultants

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