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Ceipal is a Recruitment ATS for Staffing Firms.

But it’s more than an applicant tracking system & CRM. It makes you better at everything you do, every day.


Why wouldn’t you want to save money and get a superior platform?

Transform candidate sourcing and placement.

Ceipal is the AI-powered recruitment ATS for staffing firms that gives you:

  • 400% more daily candidate submissions
  • 100% free migration when you switch
  • 81% improved candidate experience
  • 50% cost savings over other platforms

Highest-Rated Recruitment ATS for Agencies

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Industry Avg.: 87%

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Industry Avg.: 89%

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Industry Avg.: 89%

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Industry Avg.: 86%

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Ceipal saves time and makes processes efficient. They offer additional features at a reasonable price, and they impressed us with their customer service.

Director, United Software Group

Ceipal Delivers

Advanced AI

Advanced AI

Our AI recruiting features will save you time and money.

Great Value

Great Value

Only pay for what you use with our flexible, pay-as-you-go subscription model.

Constant Support

Constant Support

Get free migration, free training, & free ongoing support.

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Streamlining the Process

An applicant tracking system (ATS) assists staffing and recruiting agencies in managing the hiring and recruiting process. This often includes everything from job requisition and posting to placement and onboarding. Because each recruiting agency staffs in their own unique way, it’s important that the recruitment ATS is equipped with the ability to screen candidates, test applicants, schedule interviews, manage the hiring process, check references, and complete new-hire paperwork – in various combinations depending on the client. By keeping all workflows in one dedicated platform, all agency tasks are streamlined.

A recruitment ATS is a great way for recruiters and hiring managers to stay organized. Not only are all potential candidates kept in an internal database, but artificial intelligence helps to streamline various processes and tasks. This can include screening candidates from a large applicant pool, determining quality hires through job fitment assessments/job matching, and even performing routine tasks like scheduling interviews or responding to candidate queries. Automation also takes care of “next step” details, like triggering notifications for candidate updates as well as sending dynamic, instant emails to all internal and external decision-makers after specified activities.

End-to-end Recruitment ATS

Ceipal is a fully scalable, fully integrated recruitment ATS designed to find and place more hires using less time and fewer resources. Manage job requisitions and postings, leverage AI to determine the best potential candidates, and conduct interviews through integrated productivity apps. Once you select your ideal candidate, digitally onboard them and generate comprehensive reports on placements and performance. Ceipal has everything you need to secure top talent, ahead of the competition.

A recruitment ATS can be a very complex environment, but fortunately, Ceipal makes it easy to access and use the tools you need to interpret your company data. Powerful reporting and analytics make Ceipal a step above when it comes to talent and workforce management, offering completely customizable reports on any metric in the company. Details like turnaround time, job post aging, daily/weekly/monthly interviews, recruitment submissions, and more can all be generated with a single click and exported in a variety of formats. With Ceipal, it’s easy to keep a close eye on company productivity to address bottlenecks before they lead to losses. Save company time, money, and resources with Ceipal’s end-to-end recruitment ATS.