Utilizing AI technology to achieve diversity goals

Diversity Hiring

Our 3-Step Process for Building a Robust, Diverse Workforce


Step 1: Assess Gender & Ethnic Diversity

Ceipal’s AI Diversity Assessment is the first step when it comes to assessing your workforce distribution by gender and ethnicity. It is a simple and non-intrusive way of evaluating the overall workforce distribution of any organization, requiring no more than a simple list of employee names (first and last) and locations.

Wage & Equity Disparity

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Step 2: Make a Plan To Address the Diversity Gap

Based on the outcomes found after performing the “AI Diversity Assessment,” we work with you to strategize and focus your efforts, helping you to create a roadmap to fill any existing ethnic or gender gaps within your workforce. The resulting plan is realistic and comprehensive, addressing all source points to help you build a more diverse workforce.

Make a Plan to Address the Diversity Gap

Step 3: Implement the Plan to Improve Diversity

Implement your plan using Ceipal’s AI-driven sourcing platform to curate qualified, diverse candidates – this includes a diverse pool of qualified temp talent from suppliers via our Ceipal Procurewise, our proprietary VMS. Ceipal’s AI-driven passive sourcing capabilities represent yet another great way to build a qualified and diverse talent pool.

Implement the Plan to Improve Diversity

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