Integrated. Configurable. Powerful.

Bring together critical hiring technologies for all organizations and types of employment in one robust, AI-powered platform.


The Ceipal talent container houses data from all sources.

Integrate, manage, and improve the entire talent acquisition lifecycle, so you can simplify, scale, and transform any high-growth business into a diverse talent powerhouse.

  • Organize all data sources into a single talent ecosystem
  • Break down data by skill set, easily categorizing candidates by relevant criteria, including skills, location, pay range, and more
  • Mine and enrich the data, providing both visual reporting and data analysis to make better decisions
  • Enable applications and tools to assist in every step of the process


Our integrated nature is smarter than the competition.

Fully integrated hiring technologies work together to not only automate and streamline your workflow, but to access and process talent data and interactions across your entire ecosystem.

Ceipal is the smart platform to help you successfully navigate every step of the IT and General staffing recruitment process from start to finish.


Manage the complete talent acquisition lifecycle.

Coordinate all aspects of the talent acquisition process with ATS, VMS, DEI, and Workforce Management solutions that join in one powerful platform to deliver full insight into your talent landscape.

A Platform For All

Multiple markets, one solution.

Whether you are a staffing firm or a corporation with complex hiring needs, the flexible,
customizable, and integrated nature of the Ceipal platform enables you to source,
manage, and engage permanent talent, temporary and contingent hires, and vendors.

Find, engage, and hire better talent faster than your competition.
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Employ a skills-based approach to fill talent gaps.
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Leverage technology to expand revenue opportunities.
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Drive success with data-driven decision making.
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Transform Talent Acquisition With Ceipal

See how Ceipal charts a new course and delivers total talent acquisition to organizations.