Chart a course to new market space.

With new paradigms constantly reshaping today’s markets, do you have the innovative strategies and technology to compete for new business?

Do more than just compete. Ceipal Procurewise VMS enables you to create scalable contingent programs with a single, powerful solution. The result? You can break through market boundaries and expand your revenue opportunities in no time.


Create new market space.

Ceipal Procurewise helps you access a broader set of customers and create new market space in any industry for any size client and program. We offer industry-based configurations and customize every solution for you and your customer.  

  • Create industry-based configurations tailored to fit your client.
  • Improve placement and retention rates.
  • Drive value with a truly disruptive pricing model.


Accelerate program implementation.

Procurewise takes the time and hassle out of implementation. We can help you quickly and effectively launch a new program. From the time you and your client say “go” to the implementation, we can “go-live” in just 30 days.

  • Streamline implementation with intuitive configuration and reduce time to “go live” by 67% or more.
  • Customize for your client in days instead of months and increase the probability of program success by 3x.


Open additional revenue streams.

Our AI-powered, integrated total talent acquisition platform (VMS+ATS+CRM) streamlines your procurement and project management and features extensive built-in integrations. Enhance existing revenue streams while opening additional revenue opportunities with:

  • Powerful VMS capabilities for managing contingent staffing and statement of work.
  • Enhanced total talent acquisition capabilities to power sourcing and RPO.
  • AI-powered DEI capabilities to advance workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Integrate your key technology solutions

Ceipal connects managed service providers to productivity apps, vendor management, social media, job board solutions, and more with ease.


See the Ceipal Difference for Yourself

Explore the ways Ceipal provides meaningful results to MSPs through our comprehensive platform that combines insights, speed, and visibility.