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Managed Resume Harvesting

If you ask a recruiter how they spend most of their time every day, they would answer with two words: job boards. Each day, recruiters find themselves spending hours and hours sourcing candidates from across different job boards. Add in the fact that they also have to manage and keep an eye on their total credits for each individual job board and you’ve got a lengthy headache, each and every day. What if we said we can make that daily headache go away? With managed resume harvesting, we’ve got you covered.

What is Resume Harvesting?

Resume harvesting is a process that automates searching and downloading of applicant profiles into recruiters’ private, internal databases, which otherwise is a manual process. By letting Ceipal artificial intelligence control job board credits and spending, the most qualified candidates will be automatically sourced from the numerous job boards.

Resume Harvesting with Ceipal

Recruiters are given an option to schedule resume harvesting in their non-work hours with multiple criteria. Harvested resumes are then downloaded into recruiters’ internal database and can be accessed whenever they want to.  

This AI-powered harvesting downloads the most relevant and exact number of resumes, as per your set limit.

Managed Harvesting

Generally, resume harvesting mandates that a server be maintained by the client. However, Ceipal‘s advanced technology eliminates this mandate. We manage the harvesting on our cloud, helping you to concentrate only on your core. 

How Do Recruiters Benefit?

Leveraging Ceipal‘s managed harvesting eliminates tedious data entry and helps recruiters focus solely on tasks that cannot be automated: building actual candidate relationship. We understand that not everything can be automated, and that some of the most important tasks (like getting to know candidates) deserve more time and focus. We’ll take care of the tedious tasks, while you take care of the more important, human-to-human interaction tasks.

The quantifiable benefits delivered are… 

Build an Intelligent Resume Database 
  • Ceipal harvesting automates the building of an intelligent resume database and eliminates your long-term dependency on job boards.
  • Applicant profiles are automatically sourced, empowering recruiters to concentrate exclusively on their most important work: building relationships.
Effective Utilization of Job Boards 
  • Don’t let your per-day credit allocation for job boards go to waste.
  • Ceipal harvesting assists you in making job board investment decisions objectively, with an in-depth observation of specific reports.
Single-Click Sourcing
  • Schedule and source the highest qualified candidates with just a click of a button.
  • Decrease individual recruiter sourcing time by over 75%.
No Infrastructure Costs
  • Ceipal harvesting is hosted & managed end-to-end by Ceipal itself.
  • You save on infrastructure & maintenance costs.
  • You are protected from the risk of manual maintenance errors.

Want a closer look? Take a look at the video below.

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