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3 Steps For Transforming Social Media Into Your Best Performing Lead Generator

Most companies have a social media “presence” and use LinkedIn for one-to-one connections. But are you truly leveraging the tools social media offers to acquire new clients and candidates?

In this webinar, you won’t hear a word about “followers” or “likes.” Instead, learn about cost effective ways to get high-quality in front of your exact target audience for new leads.

Join founder of Accelerate Media, Jason Foley and Marketing Communications Manager for Ceipal, Jacob Jackson, for 3 easy steps to turn your social media presence into a powerful lead generator. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Social media presence vs. social media marketing
  • Step-by-step LinkedIn and Facebook campaign creation
  • Designing content to optimize lead generation
  • Creating a budget that maximizes ROI
  • What metrics to look for in campaigns to measure success
  • And more!

In a post-COVID-19 world, social media marketing is one of the key ways to acquire new clients and source in-demand talent.

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