Market Insight Report: Ceipal addresses market need, opens new competitive vector with automation bundle

A Market Insight report from S&P Global dives into Ceipal’s Advanced Automation Package. This new offering brings together automation and AI capabilities in one packaged license for staffing firms. Ceipal’s all-in-one approach aims to address the growing need for workflow automation in HR. 

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The “Need to Know”

According to 451 Research (S&P Global Market Intelligence), “This new offering from Ceipal will address core needs in the market; potential economic headwinds are shifting the focus of talent strategies.” 

Key features include automated email and WhatsApp sourcing for candidate engagement, streamlined and paperless hiring and onboarding, communications reminders throughout the candidate lifecycle, and managed resume harvesting, as well as automated I-9 and workforce authorization and renewals.

“If Ceipal can lead with its reporting capabilities for retention/attrition measurement in marketing narratives, and eventually fold its automation and AI capabilities more heavily into internal recruitment recruitment, it could be even better positioned to address both the core talent needs of the immediate future in recruitment and retention.”

For firms working with candidates on an H-1B visa in the US for example, Ceipal can automate elements of the renewals, including reminders to make sure documents are up-to-date. 

The package also includes custom reporting capabilities that can be automatically generated. 

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