Coverage Initiation: Ceipal connects staffing, full-time hiring to enhance talent acquisition visibility

A recent analysis from S&P 500 Marketing Intelligence, a world-leading provider of financial information analysis and recommendations, has released a report on Ceipal’s total talent acquisition offerings. The analysis outlines Ceipal’s strategic offerings, explaining their significance in the context of today’s current market and highlighting the robust and varied product pillars.

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Integrated ATS + WFM + BI

Fully-Unified Talent Platform

Streamline Existing Technology Processes

The “Need to Know”

Total Visibility Across the Entire Talent Ecosystem

According to 451 Research (S&P Global Market Intelligence), 59% of HR professionals said their tools lacked visibility of the entire workforce, which is something Ceipal can address.

“The demand for more visibility across the entirety of the workforce could provide a foundation for Ceipal to accelerate its corporate marketing efforts and standout as a next-gen tool for both staffing and recruiting.”

“Ceipal is facing a ripe market following the Great Resignation as HR plans increase in both full-time and part-time hiring, according to our Voice of the Enterprise data.”

AI-powered Tools That Prepare You for Today’s Talent Landscape

Staffing professionals need the most advanced technology available to succeed in today’s extremely tight talent market.

Download the report to get more great insights about Ceipal.