Get a complete picture of your recruitment activity with Ceipal’s robust Business Intelligence capabilities

Business Intelligence

Ceipal’s Business Intelligence provides staffing firms with a 360-degree view of their business, so they can make smart, strategic choices that benefit the internal team as well as external clients, allowing staffing professionals to focus on what they do best: place talent.

Business Analytics

Ceipal’s business intelligence pulls informational data from an ATS to give an up-to-date review of business activities, operational reports on candidate marketing, client acquisition, sales performance, key performance indicators, and more. This critical data is used to improve efficiency and reduce expenses.

Business Reports

Ceipal empowers staffing firms to create reports that include actionable insights to answer their biggest questions and drive business outcomes. These reports are visualized through interactive graphs, so business leaders can instantly assess their company’s performance. Each report also comes with a variety of data visualization tools, including pie charts, clustered columns, and 3D graphs to help users understand the data that matters most.

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