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How Business Technology Group Grew Their Business 3x with Ceipal


Founded in 1995, BTG has been making placements since the first ATS was created. As an established provider of talent, BTG relied on one of the best-known legacy ATS platforms available on the marketplace today. And yet, they consistently found that the technology was disappointing. 

Stacey Edmond, Director of Recruiting at BTG, knew it was time to find a new ATS that helped them overcome the challenges they were facing on a daily basis. 

The Ceipal Impact

30% Increased Close Rates
80% Annual Savings
3x Company-Wide Growth

BTG’s Challenge

Reputation wasn’t enough to keep BTG happy, and there were several issues with their current ATS that had them looking for something better. 

  1. Price for Value. The first problem with their ATS was its price. BTG was essentially locked into a +1 year contract with a hefty price per license fee and no flexibility. Plus, every extra integration request came at an additional cost. 
  2. Business Intelligence & Data Management. BTG’s ATS failed to deliver comprehensive business analytics that would facilitate the company’s growth. They could not track internal metrics on company-wide productivity, run reports based on team KPIs, or measure performance. 

    What’s more, Edmond’s team had to manage all data updates manually. Her recruiters spent hours uploading resumes and ensuring all candidate information was accurate. This lack of automation inhibited productivity, which in turn inhibited growth.
  3. Product Functionality & Capabilities. Finally, BTG was lacking feature capabilities to be productive. Seamless job board integrations were key, along with automatic candidate engagement and follow up. Their current ATS was severely handicapped in these areas, offering integration with only one job board before you were required to pay. What’s more, candidate engagement features lacked automation. “Our previous CRM was only fulfilling our basic needs,” Edmond said. “It wasn’t helping us grow.” 

The Ceipal Solution

To achieve their business goals, BTG needed a change. They began exploring the most innovative solutions in recruitment today, and soon discovered Ceipal’s AI-powered platform.

BTG had never used AI before, so they conducted an experiment to test Ceipal’s capabilities. First, with their old legacy system, they searched for candidates that fit a client’s requirements. Then, keeping those candidates on file, they conducted the same search using AI. 

“We were able to see that the AI made a huge difference in the caliber of candidates we were identifying and how closely they matched our clients’ positions,” Edmond said. 

“Once you use Ceipal’s artificial intelligence, you won’t go back. It saves time and money while helping build better relationships. My team and I trust the AI completely,” said Edmond.

What exactly made Ceipal so much better than their current ATS? There are a few key things that set the Ceipal ATS apart and helped BTG grow their business:

  1. Increased Recruiter Productivity. Ceipal enabled BTG recruiters to be more productive and efficient. With built-in and customizable industry reports, interactive dashboards, and comprehensive analytics, BTG could now take a data-driven approach performance.

    “Ceipal’s Business Intelligence helps us identify recruiters who are struggling so we can target our training,” said Edmond. “This has helped us increase productivity across the board and close more deals.”
  2. Increased Close Rates. Ceipal’s artificial intelligence was a game-changer for BTG. Leveraging features like AI-powered candidate matching & ranking, automatic candidate sourcing, and more, BTG was able to make higher-quality submissions in less time. 

    In fact, Ceipal’s artificial intelligence helped BTG’s recruiting team increase their placements by 30% over the first year. “We were able to see the difference in the caliber of candidates we sourced with AI,” said Edmond. “They matched our clients’ positions much more closely, which led to a higher number of placements.” 
  1. Cost Savings Reinvestment. The final win for Ceipal was its price—just $24/seat. “Ceipal gave us 5x the functionality of our previous system at a much lower price,” Edmond said. “It’s a better platform, and it was only about 10% of our old ATS’s price.”  The money saved on the ATS platform was then reinvested in building stronger client relationships and growing BTG’s market reach. 

AI-Driven Results

All of the above benefits were working together for BTG, delivering stunning results. Within one year of using Ceipal, BTG had grown 3x thanks to saving money and increasing productivity.

“If you think that paying a lower price means you’re getting a lower quality product, you’re wrong,” Edmond said simply. “I’ve been in staffing for +20 years and Ceipal is one of the best tools I’ve ever used. It helped us acquire new clients and grow the overall value of your company.” 

Ceipal proved to BTG that ATS platforms leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced technology can be both cost-effective and high-quality.