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ITBrainiac Reduces Job Board Spend by 40% & Increases Productivity by 60%


ITBrainiac started as a small staffing agency with only four employees. But soon enough, they were met with overwhelming success and client demands for top-tier talent. 

“To ensure we could satisfy our clients, we hired a developer to build an in-house ATS for our business,” said Jawaad, Chief Recruitment Officer at ITB. “But eventually even this homegrown system struggled to meet our business needs.” 

The Ceipal Impact

60% Increased Productivity
40% Job Board Savings
90% Email Deliverability

ITBrainiac’s Challenge

ITBrainiac began looking into various ATS platforms knowing that whatever system they decided on had to help them solve three main challenges: 

  1. Candidate Engagement. As ITBrainiac gained more and more clients, it was increasingly difficult to engage enough candidates to fill all requirements. They were relying on mass email outreach, which often failed to get through spam filters and reach the applicable candidates. What’s more, their servers would occasionally jam due to the high volume of emails. 

    “As a staffing company, our bread and butter are placements,” explained Jawaad. “Not being able to reach candidates is a huge problem.”
  2. Job Board Spend. ITBrainiac needed to reduce job board expenses. “We rely heavily on different job portals and online databases—Monster, CareerBuilder, you name it,” said Jawaad. “We were sourcing so many resumes that we actually had to pay for two yearly subscriptions from Monster because we passed their annual resume limit.” 

    What’s more, for all the resumes sourced, ITBrainiac had no way to track and save resumes they had already viewed. Multiple recruiters could be viewing the same resumes within days of each other, and they would never know it. This was expensive and inefficient. 
  3. Internal Operations. With no way to measure team productivity, ITBrainiac didn’t know how many resume views each team was using and still had team members dedicated entirely to manual tasks, which slowed down recruitment. Some employees spent their workdays uploading information from resumes onto their ATS, while others monitored requirements that came in from VMS integrations and delegated those requirements accordingly.

    “Ultimately, there was a lot of energy spent on manual tasks,” said Jawaad. “And if we wanted to keep growing as a company, we needed to correct that.” 

The Ceipal Solution

Jawaad knew that ITBrainiac needed a new ATS to stay profitable, but he did not want to overwhelm his team with new, difficult-to-use software. After a year of evaluating different platforms, they eventually found Ceipal. 

“Within a week’s time, my team was using the software efficiently, with all their questions answered,” said Jawaad. “If I called up my team now and said ‘We’ve decided to stop using Ceipal,’ they would be furious. The platform has made their lives so much easier.”

What exactly made Ceipal so revolutionary for ITBrainiac? Here are three key things that set Ceipal apart: 

  1. CRM & Email Validator. Ceipal’s CRM and mass email capabilities gave ITBrainiac a way to automate candidate engagement. With Ceipal, Jawaad’s team could send job requirements to tailored distribution lists, increasing their response and engagement rates. These communications were often sent automatically, saving time and guaranteeing quick turnarounds to client requests. Plus, Ceipal’s Email Validator cleaned up ITBrainiac’s recipient database, ensuring these communications landed directly in candidates’ inboxes, not spam folders. 90% email deliverability spurred ITBrainiac’s growth tremendously.
  2. Job Board Savings. With Ceipal, ITBrainiac never had to pay for the same resume twice. Because all subscribed job boards are natively integrated to Ceipal’s platform, every viewed resume was automatically saved to the platform. This eliminated the download of duplicate resumes, saving ITBrainiac on job board credits. 
  3. Recruiter Productivity. “Ceipal’s platform revolutionized the way we recruit,” said Jawaad. Ceipal’s automatic resume parsing enabled his team to access key candidate information faster, eliminating the need for manual data entry. It also automatically created profiles for every candidate, enabling recruiters to synthesize key data points at a glance. 

    Ceipal’s VMS integrations also enhanced productivity. “Whenever we received a requirement through the VMS, it instantly appeared in Ceipal,” said Jawaad. “My hiring managers and recruiters could start working right away, helping us make more placements in less time.” 

Productivity-Enhancing Results

All of the above benefits were working together for ITBrainiac. After investing in Ceipal, they saw company productivity increase by 60%. 

“When I saw how many views we had used from Monster, I thought I was seeing a magic number,” laughed Jawaad. “It was significantly less than our previous year. Ceipal got rid of wasted credits across our teams. We didn’t even have to pay Monster for an extra subscription!”

What’s more, Ceipal’s integrated search functionality helped reduce ITBrainiac’s job board spend. By allowing recruiters to source candidates from their internal database and subscribed job boards simultaneously, Ceipal saved ITBrainiac 35-40% on operating costs. 

Jawaad also noted that Ceipal’s business intelligence module gave ITBrainiac’s senior leadership a way to track productivity. “Now we know exactly which recruiters are doing the best work,” said Jawaad. “It’s been amazing for smoothing out our internal operations.”