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Quality Staffing of America Inc. Saves +75% with Ceipal


Quality Staffing of America specializes in MSP programs for some of the world’s largest corporations. Yet, despite having the market-share leader ATS, their system worked against them throughout the recruitment process. 

Ken Richards, President of Quality Staffing of America, knew they needed a new ATS that would help increase profits and optimize productivity. 

The Ceipal Impact

50% Increased Productivity
75% Cost Savings
24/7 Customer Support

Quality Staffing of America’s Challenge

Despite using an industry-leading ATS, Richards was dissatisfied with several aspects that slowed down their productivity and cost them extra money. Richards and his team consistently faced four major problems with their ATS platform: 

  1. Poor User Interface & Inefficient Workflows. The first red flag was the ATS itself. “The platform’s interface was clunky,” Richards said. “The entire product was not intuitive. Submitting a resume, which should be a one-click process, could take up to 5 minutes.” 

    Richards’ team reported that this poor user interface led to wildly inefficient workflows. And during Quality Staffing’s busy season, these inefficiencies had a significant impact on productivity.
  2. Under-Performing System. Simply put, the ATS didn’t perform. Search didn’t work, profiles would fail to appear, and other aspects of basic functionality were just insufficient.

    To make matters worse, the ATS had subpar customer service. The Quality Staffing of America team would open tickets and then go back and forth with the customer support team for weeks. In the end, almost none of the complaints were satisfactorily resolved.
  3. Fixed Contracts & High Costs. Like many staffing firms, QSA has busy seasons and slow seasons, and was looking to scale its recruiting workforce throughout the year. However, their current ATS didn’t provide flexible pricing, locking Quality Staffing into a year-long contract that didn’t allow Quality Staffing to downsize their number of licenses, even if they weren’t being used. What’s more, this ATS provider charged for every “transaction” in the system, adding up to $12,000 to Richards’ yearly bill.
  4. Integration Fees. Staffing firms operating in the MSP space have to be able to integrate their ATS with their clients’ VMS of choice. If you don’t integrate with their VMS, you don’t get their business.

    Quality Staffing of America’s former ATS provider took advantage of this requirement, charging QSA for every single VMS integration. Every time they acquired a new client, Richards had to shell out to the ATS provider, seriously cutting into profitability.

The Ceipal Solution

In such a low-margin business, Richards’ team needed a more cost-effective ATS. By word of mouth, they found Ceipal. And, after one demo, they decided Ceipal would alleviate all of the pain points they were experiencing.

“Ceipal was the ideal combination of all other ATS platforms our team considered. It’s simpler, easier, and it provides a comprehensive recruitment solution,” said Richards.

Why was Ceipal the right fit for Quality Staffing of America? Here are a few reasons.

  1. Efficiency & Ease of Use. What Richards immediately noticed about CEIPAL was its intuitive, customizable interface. Modules could be added or removed based on Quality Staffing’s needs in just a few clicks. “Switching to Ceipal helped our teams be more accurate,” said Richards. “Our recruiters made fewer mistakes and more successful placements.” 
  1. Peak Performance & 24/7 Support. What Ceipal offered went beyond ease of use – it was also a more powerful system. “What took an hour with our previous provider took minutes with Ceipal,” said Richards.

    Plus, Ceipal’s powerful platform was bolstered by their customer support. Whenever anyone had a functionality question they could reach out to their dedicated support manager and get an answer within minutes. “They had an answer to our question and guided us through the process with a screen share,” said Richards.
  1. Subscription Pricing Model. Ceipal offered Quality Staffing of America flexible pricing with a month-to-month subscription model. Adding and subtracting license seats was hassle-free. Plus, Ceipal’s license price was 80% less expensive than QSA’s former provider.
  2. Integrated & Comprehensive Solutions. Unlike their former ATS, Ceipal did not charge Quality Staffing of America for VMS integrations or transactions. In fact, the Ceipal platform already integrates with +20 VMS providers, at no additional cost to users. Quality Staffing of America could instantly receive jobs from MSPs without worrying about hidden fees.

Powerful Results

Ceipal was everything Quality Staffing’s old ATS wasn’t. After switching to Ceipal, Richards’ team increased their workflow efficiency by +50%, citing CEIPAL’s real-time job board search, paperless eBoarding portal, and business intelligence platform as some of the features they regularly utilize.

“In our business, speed is really important, the accuracy of data is really important, and Ceipal had all of that,” said Richards. “We went from spending $40,000 / year with our former provider to spending under $10,000 / year with Ceipal.”

For Quality Staffing of America, there was no looking back after saving over 75% of costs while getting a more powerful and streamlined system. 

“Everything we need for our recruitment process is already built into Ceipal,” said Richards. “The ATS integrates with the VMS naturally, helping streamline our workflow with our MSP clients. The entire product works seamlessly.”