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The Agency Switches to Ceipal & Increases Productivity by 90% in the First Two Months


The Agency is an established provider of talent in the Southern Ontario Region who had relied on Humanis ATS to meet their business needs. But, when Humanis was acquired by another ATS provider, its functionality and customer service promptly began to fail.

Ed Stengel, President of The Agency, and his team were constantly facing “small glitches” that kept inhibiting their recruitment. Eventually, The Agency decided they needed a new system – and after a long search, they found that Ceipal ATS was their perfect solution.

The Ceipal Impact

90% Increased Productivity
70% Cost Savings
24/7 Customer Support

The Agency’s Challenge

To ease the new ATS search process, The Agency hired a team of consultants to research various ATS packages that would meet their workflows and priorities. After months of searching, Stengel’s team consistently found three problems with these ATS platforms:

  1. Poor User Interface. As they examined potential ATS platforms, The Agency was often disappointed in the technology’s user interface. “Without exaggeration, every single product we looked at was unnecessarily complicated and convoluted.”

    Even after extensive demos, Stengel and his team were still unsure where to start with certain platforms, making them hesitant to invest in a software solution that seemed so difficult and confusing.
  2. Customer Service. Part of the reason the ATS took so long was due to poor customer service from potential ATS providers.

    “Because we were prospective customers, I thought the responsiveness of the support teams would be excellent,” Stengel admitted. “Instead, it was terrible. We experienced long response times with needless back and forth.”

    This non-responsiveness from ATS providers was frustrating, slowing The Agency’s search for a new ATS.
  3. Price. With poor customer service and difficult-to-use interfaces, The Agency couldn’t justify paying what these ATS providers wanted.

    “All the systems had a common denominator: they cost about $15,000/year,” said Stengel. “Frankly, that was too much for the product’s value.”

The Ceipal Solution

After months of searching, The Agency found Ceipal. And finally, their search was over.

“There was no question for us,” said Stengel. “Ceipal’s ease of use, their feature capability—especially their mobile app—and then it was only a third of the cost. If you were to rate it, it’s 5-star ratings all the way. There’s no comparison.”

So what exactly made Ceipal so different? There are three key things that set the Ceipal ATS apart for The Agency:

  1. Functionality & Ease of Use. After sitting through confusing demos, Ed and his team loved Ceipal’s clean and user-friendly interface.
  2. Customer Service. For The Agency, Ceipal’s customer support was a refreshing change from the slow response times of other ATS platforms. For every question that The Agency asked, Ceipal gave thorough and helpful responses.
  3. Price. The final win for Ceipal was its price. “With Ceipal, we’re paying a third of the market’s price, around $5,000/year. And we’re getting a lot more functionality,” said Stengel. “Frankly, it was a no brainer.”

High-Quality Results

All of the above benefits were working together for The Agency. Once Stengel and his team decided to invest in Ceipal, data migration and onboarding began. This is often considered the trickiest part for new customers, and The Agency had particularly difficult requirements and a massive amount of data to transfer—their database was stuffed with resumes, WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board) paperwork, and decades worth of notes and documentation.

With Ceipal, all of The Agency’s data was migrated without a single mistake. “We have everything,” said Stengel. “Every resume, every document, you name it. Our entire database has been transferred.”

The software configuration, too, went smoothly for The Agency. The Ceipal team worked with Stengel and his recruiters to make sure the ATS was configured exactly to their workflow and their needs, so the team could begin productive work right away.

Ultimately, The Agency increased productivity by 90% in the first two months of using Ceipal. Between Ceipal’s resume parsing and mobile app, The Agency’s recruitment team was able to move through day-to-day tasks faster than ever before. What’s more, they began to see an uptick in profitability, as the switch alone saved them 70% in overhead costs.

“I’ll be on Ceipal until I sell the business,” Stengel continued. “And then the business will still be on Ceipal. It’s a great product, it’s priced well, and the support is unbelievable. Why would you use anything else?”