"We now have 3 weeks or more of additional time to spend on more business development and more recruitment. The time, money, and frustration Ceipal has saved my firm is incredible.”

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How Ceipal Enabled The Work In Me to Triple Placements While Halving Search & Placement Times


The post-pandemic competition for talent has established the most highly competitive market in recent memory. With a shortage of skilled labor and a renewed demand for a flexible workforce, The Work in Me was tasked with the challenge of filling critical accounting and finance direct-hire positions.

The Ceipal Impact

30% Increase in Placement Rates
50% Decrease in Social Recruitment Times
3 Week Time Saving On Any Executive Search

The Work in Me’s Challenge

The firm’s Founder and Manager Partner, Myron Russell, prides himself and his firm on its ability to deliver the top 5% of passive talent since turning to Ceipal.

While other agencies complain of a typical cycle of 90 days to fill a job requisition, Russell set out to leverage Ceipal’s AI-driven capabilities to improve The Work in Me’s workflows, optimize their social recruitment, and reduce placement times for their clients in today’s highly challenging environment by reaching the talent sooner and connecting that talent more quickly to clients.

The Ceipal Solution

When Russell learned about Ceipal’s advanced AI features, he was intrigued and particularly impressed with the idea of AI-powered matching and ranking of candidates, passive candidate sourcing, and text-to-hire texting capabilities.

He quickly discovered that by having access to Ceipal’s complete talent management platform, he was able to connect with candidates much more quickly than he had been with the many ATS solutions he had tried previously during his career. Time is of the essence in the recruiting world, particularly when engaging with millennials who are digital natives, so it’s no surprise that TexttoHire was one of the many integrated features that attracted Russell to Ceipal.

“Before using Ceipal, we would break out the proverbial pom-poms to celebrate if we closed a candidate in 30 days. Thanks to Ceipal, we’re now finding 7 days is common. I call it the rhythm of Ceipal!” said Russell.

AI-Driven Results

Since migrating to Ceipal, The Work in Me has used Ceipal to create a customized workflow that has managed to cut placement times in half, which enabled the firm to simultaneously triple placements. In fact, since discovering Ceipal, Russell has become more efficient at scheduling interviews than he ever dreamed possible.

By using Ceipal, The Work in Me often reduces candidate search times from the traditional 6 to 10 days to just mere minutes, enabling Russell and his staff to exceed expectations in terms of delivering previously untapped talent thanks to Ceipal’s advanced Passive Candidate Search features. According to Russell, Ceipal’s LinkedIn integration has easily cut social recruitment search times in half.

Ceipal’s TextToHire feature also improved The Work in Me’s communication with candidates, significantly cutting the time it takes to answer questions posed by talent from days to minutes. Job-specific, built-in-workflows in Ceipal drive a consistent job placement lifecycle, ultimately cutting the placement lifecycle in half—from 4–6 weeks to 2 weeks or less.

Overall placement rates increased by 3x or more with Ceipal and included better quality candidates due to the platform’s AI-powered search capabilities while allowing Work in Me to simultaneously build a cloud-native database or “talent container” and automate critical administrative tasks.