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Ceipal Research Reveals Majority of Staffing Firms Anticipate Clients Requiring DEI Reporting in 2022

Ceipal Research Reveals Majority of Staffing Firms Anticipate Clients Requiring DEI Reporting in 2022

Despite the Growing Demand for Diversity in the Workforce and Talent Pool, Only 11 Percent of Staffing Firms Are Using DEI Technology to Find Diverse Candidates

The Ceipal 2022 Talent Acquisition Market Survey also showed that only 42% of staffing organizations are currently using an ATS to track talent along with CRM tools to engage those candidates. Meanwhile, about 55% of survey respondents rated the ability of their ATS to track talent globally as fair to poor, indicating a gap between the rapidly evolving needs of the talent acquisition sector and some of the more traditional solutions upon which the industry has come to rely.

“Our extensive market research through the pandemic has shown that those who fail to leverage the power of more advanced technology to identify and engage more diverse talent sources will be left behind in 2022,” said Ceipal Founder & CEO Sameer Penakalapati. “Ceipal’s priority in the post-pandemic world is to help hiring organizations harness the power of artificial intelligence to find the best available talent, while building a more diverse workforce in an ever-tightening and demanding marketplace for global talent.”

Key findings of Ceipal’s latest survey include:

  • Just 27% of staffing professionals characterized their current talent acquisition solutions as very good or excellent at finding talent that includes passive candidates
  • Only about one-third of respondents indicated their current system is very good to excellent when it comes to engaging candidates
  • Almost 60% of staffing organizations say their clients have adopted DEI reporting requirements or plan to within one year
  • 89% of those surveyed are not currently using DEI technology despite the surge in reporting requirements
  • More than half of respondents indicated that they are currently either using DEI technology or have plans to adopt DEI technology within the next year

In 2021, Ceipal launched the industry’s first AI-driven solution to address diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within any organization’s workforce and across all talent acquisition sources. Ceipal’s groundbreaking, patent-pending DEI solution leverages advanced AI technology to empower hiring organizations with complete visibility into their own workforce and hiring processes, then helps to fill any diversity gaps. Ceipal’s AI-driven DEI features include diversity assessment and engagement tools, a cloud-based talent container to integrate and index talent sources by any category – including demographics – and data analytics that outline realistic goals and ensure success. Ceipal is the first and only talent management platform to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to automatically measure diversity, equity, and inclusivity at the talent source based on a simple list of names and locations. For more information about Ceipal’s DEI solution or for a product demonstration, please visit here.

Ceipal’s 2022 Talent Acquisition Market Survey polled 175 staffing professionals. Responses were derived via both printed and digital survey instruments between September 28 and November 12, 2021.

About Ceipal

Ceipal is an AI-powered SaaS platform that provides full-lifecycle management of the talent acquisition process. Our system leverages advanced technology to analyze vast amounts of candidate and employee data, providing actionable insights for meeting hiring goals and executing talent strategies. With robust solutions for pipeline curation, candidate engagement & marketing, applicant tracking, and workforce management, Ceipal helps staffing firms, MSPs, and corporate hiring teams of all sizes to attract and retain the best available talent. Ceipal was founded in 2015 and now serves 1,800+ customers and 120,000 recruiters globally.