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Ceipal’s Built-In SMS Platform

Ceipal’s Built-In SMS Platform

Access Ceipal’s fully scalable texting platform, TextToHire, from within Ceipal for faster communication with more candidates. 

The average marketing email has an open rate of about 20%. And generally, it takes recipients about 90 minutes to respond—if they respond at all. When you’re recruiting for a job, those 90 minutes can be the difference between making a placement and letting the competition have it. 

That’s why more and more staffing firms are turning to SMS as a form of candidate engagement. In fact, studies show that over 4,200 hours in recruiter efficiency can be saved by using text messages. 

Ceipal’s built-in SMS platform, TextToHire, gives recruiters access to enterprise-level texting from directly within the Ceipal platform. Allowing firms to text enable existing numbers, send out bulk SMS, and more, TextToHire provides end-to-end solutions for candidate engagement. 

What Is It?

Fully scalable, TextToHire combines real-time communication, personalized conversations, and the power of automation to engage talent and increase placements while providing +50% savings. With TextToHire, recruiters can: 

  • Text Enable Business Phone Numbers. Whether you’re reaching out to candidates from your office’s landline or your business phone, you can text-enable any phone number you’re currently using to send messages from directly within Ceipal. 
  • Schedule & Send Bulk SMS Campaigns. Reach more people in less time. With TextToHire, you can send bulk text messages to contacts from every module in Ceipal. Plus, you can schedule these messages so they go out regularly, but not too frequently, avoiding spam and unsubscribes. 
  • Conduct One-on-One Conversations. Immediately respond to reply texts. As soon as a candidate or client replies to a bulk campaign, you receive an automatic notification. From there, you can instantly engage with the prospect, taking your relationship to the next level. 
  • Personalize Communications. Engage people with information. With TextToHire’s merge fields, you can personalize every message you send, whether it’s a one-off text or an entire SMS campaign. Plus, you can add in emojis and a signature to keep your communications fresh. 
  • Track Engagement Metrics. Understand how your campaigns are performing. Because TextToHire is fully-integrated with Ceipal’s Business Intelligence Module, you can run reports on every aspect of your campaigns, from delivery rates to read rates to unsubscribes. 

What Are The Benefits?

  • Fully Native. Unlike other SMS providers, TextToHire is fully-native to the Ceipal platform. Recruiters can access the dashboard seamlessly during their workflow, sending SMS messages as needed without worrying about integration hiccups. 
  • Professional Communications. Ensure business continuity throughout your candidate engagement. By text-enabling pre-existing numbers, you ensure that your business maintains professionality and that all communications can be tracked. 
  • Increased Response Rates. Text messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email or Facebook. Make faster and better connections with potential clients and candidates by efficiently reaching out.  
  • Higher Redeployment Rates. Maintain the relationships that matter most. With TextToHire, you can schedule check-in messages with your workforce in the field, increasing your consultants’ loyalty to your firm. 

Interested in Learning More?

A fully scalable texting platform designed for recruitment and staffing professionals, TextToHire is offered at one of the industry’s most competitive prices, with an average of 50% savings. Interested? Click here to book a free demo today.