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Ceipal CRM for Staffing Firms

As a human-oriented industry, staffing firms thrive on relationship-driven business – manage them with Ceipal‘s CRM.

At Ceipal, we recognize managing relationships is a fundamental requirement for our clients. So, we developed our own Customer Relationship Management System, specifically tailored to staffing firms’ needs.

What Is It?

Ceipal’s Customer Relationship Management System allows staffing firms to manage business relationships from one centralized location. Salespeople and recruiters can channel communications with existing clients, potential candidates, and new leads so they can reach out to the right people at the right time. Plus, unlike other ATS-CRMs, Ceipal’s CRM is included in the license price, so you know you have the tools you need for success.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Enable Sales by Tracking Success & Identifying Opportunities. Ceipal’s CRM is critical for sales enablement, storing all prospect and existing client profiles in a centralized location while tracking business relationships. With Ceipal, your salespeople will be able to target prospective clients and identify valuable opportunities. 
  • Engage to Expand. Ceipal’s CRM helps increase candidate and client engagement by automating strategic tactics like continuous communication and personalized emails. This automation gives recruiters the time to focus on developing new opportunities while maintaining existing relationships. 
  • Build Brand & Reputation. Ceipal’s CRM is the answer to all your brand-building problems. The technology allows agencies to send precise communications tailored to the recipient’s job history, priorities, and demographics. Existing clients will appreciate intentional communication and firms will enhance their leads by personalizing sources and statuses.

Ceipal’s CRM System: Designed So Staffing Firms Can Succeed

Ceipal’s recruitment CRM applies state-of-the-art AI-technology to offer the most efficient technology on the market. Plus, unlike most competitors, we include this CRM technology within your license price, so every Ceipal client benefits from the system. Users of Ceipal’s software report +400% in productivity, utilizing the CRM technology to improve client relationships across the board.