Ceipal: An iSmartRecruit Alternative

You’ve found and hired your workforce, but now it’s time to manage them. Ceipal is an iSmartRecruit alternative that lets you manage your employees and gain comprehensive insight into your company’s productivity. 

Ceipal offers more

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Alternatives to iSmartRecruit

Still not sure that Ceipal is a viable alternative to iSmartRecruit? Give it a try, with a 14-day free trial. We assign you an account manager from day one who will work with you to transfer your data and help you get started. If you don’t find it to be the right solution for you, that’s okay; we’ll help you get your data out of it, too. We want you to use Ceipal because you love it, not because your data is stuck in it.

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alternatives to iSmartRecruit

Why Choose Ceipal Instead of iSmartRecruit?

Ceipal understands that companies are more productive when everyone is working together. That’s why we offer both talent acquisition as well as comprehensive workforce management in the same platform.  By being more than just an ATS or HCM, Ceipal provides deep, personal insights into all company metrics. Ranked #1 Staffing Software by users on G2, it’s designed to automate your day-to-day processes while giving you new tools to effectively manage your workforce.

Ceipal offers more

Information sourced from GetApp on 01/03/2024. Click here to see the full Ceipal vs. iSmartRecruit comparison.

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We understand it’s hard to grow alone, which is why Ceipal integrates with 25+ job boards, 30+ VMS Portals, and dozens of productivity apps to make your day more productive. We want you to work with the tools you already know and love; it makes the switch that much easier!


Ceipal’s reporting and analytics tools are a step above when it comes to talent and workforce management.

  • Want to look at the money you spend per job board?
  • Or which recruiter was the most successful at placing new hires?

No matter what you want to visualize, Ceipal will make it happen.


Put safety at the top of your priority list with IP restrictions and one time passwords. We ensure all data is safely encrypted (as are our backups) and securely stored off-site with cloud infrastructure. Plus, we’re SOC 2 Type II compliant, so security will never be a worry.