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CloudCall: Why you should recruit for EQ over IQ in today’s talent market

CloudCall: Why you should recruit for EQ over IQ in today’s talent market

Talent shortage is at a 15 year high. The US is experiencing a widespread skill shortage across the market, which is expected to increase to a shortage of 29 million skills by 2030. The World Economic Forum ranked EQ (emotional intelligence) as one of the most important skills to have by 2025. It’s also reported that it’s responsible for 58% of professional success. In the near future, around 66% of new jobs will rely on soft skills, such as collaboration, problem-solving and communication. Or EQ, for short. Our panel will explore why recruiting someone for their emotional intelligence over their CV, could benefit your business. Our session will be led by Matt Gayleard, Chief Marketing Officer at CloudCall.

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5 Key Takeaways

We are more than our achievements: People are more than just a list of past accomplishments or impressive achievements and are much more than just a degree from a big-name university. We are all individuals, with unique talents and skill sets that don’t necessarily shine on a resume or CV. By only focusing on the standout achievements in past roles, we overlook all of the emotional things that make a person a person.

Cultural fit goes both ways: Not only is it important for employees to be a good fit for the role they’re going to fill but it’s important they want to work for a company that will fulfill their emotional needs. Because we have more open positions and candidates than ever before, it’s vital that the emotional alignment goes both ways.

Emotional intelligence is for applicants AND teams: It’s important to not only develop a good candidate pool with emotional intelligence, but to have equally emotionally intelligent teams for them to join. It’s easy to let teams run on autopilot and just “do their job”, but by doing so, you create opportunities for intellectual and emotional mismatch. Continually work on growing your existing teams in their emotional intelligence.

Good technology falls into the background: When your technology is working with you, and helping to drive your processes forward in meaningful ways, you barely even notice it’s there. It’s designed to take the focus off of the mundane, boring, trivial actions that need to be done to free the people up to focus on the things that matter and that only they can do.

Clear communication benefits everyone: By utilizing a system like CloudCall, communication between candidates and recruiters and recruiters and clients are streamlined. By no longer worrying about dialing numbers, leaving messages, or manually hunting down notes/call logs, everyone is freed up to focus on their job and do what they do best. Removing barriers with effective technology streamlines processes and operations, allowing the focus to remain on the people.

Standout Quote

“We want the technology to enable two humans to have a great conversation. CloudCall is in the conversation’s business – that’s what we do.”