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Best Practices for Using Ceipal

Best Practices for Using Ceipal

Ceipal offers end-to-end solutions that manage the entire lifecycle of the talent acquisition process. So, why not take advantage of our complete array of capabilities and put our advanced AI-driven platform to work for both, the front- and back-end of your staffing operation? In this session, Amer Mustafa and Naresh Puthi will take you on a compelling walk-through of Ceipal’s entire talent management platform, including:

  • Business Intelligence (BI): Find out how to put the exact information you want in the exact format you need it to give complete visibility into your own business and ultimately close more searches.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Learn how Ceipal’s AI algorithms enable you to recruit faster and smarter, all while building your own cloud-native talent container that will super-charge your entire organization and empower you to find the right candidates for the right jobs and to engage with them before your competitors.
  • TextToHire: Speed is of the essence when it comes to job submissions. In fact, industry experts suggest that completing a submission in 4 hours or less drastically improves your odds of a successful placement. Further, texts have a much higher and faster open rate than email when it comes to candidate engagement. Find out how Ceipal seamlessly automates this critical phase of the engagement process.
  • Passive Sourcing: Only 25% of job candidates are actively searching for their next opportunity. Ceipal puts the power of passive sourcing at your fingertips by intelligently searching every social platform (e.g., LinkedIn Stack Overflow, Github, etc.) and engaging with the other 75% of the talent pool your competitors are missing out on.
  • CRM: Manage your staffing agencies’ relationships by using an automated workflow – a sequence of calls, emails, default templates for emails and workflows, and others you may customize. AI engines help drive the automation process forward for one of the market’s only CRMs tailored to the staffing industry. Also, get a sneak peek at Ceipal’s soon-to-be-launched CRM updates!
  • Integrations: Ceipal has more than 150 integrations to ensure your recruitment process leverages every tool at your disposal, including your VMS, job boards, social media platforms, email campaigns, SMS and VOIP tools, video interview platforms, background verification services, Quickbooks, career portals, and more.

While many recruitment software providers cater to one, two or three ends of the recruitment process, Ceipal provides an end-to-end solution. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore all the ways Ceipal can work for you!

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5 Key Takeaways

AI drives productivity: From automating talent pool search to streamlining candidate onboarding, AI helps double your talent pool. Not only does it rank candidates based on technical skills, work experience, and more, but it also delivers the most viable contenders straight to your dashboard. You’ll save time finding talent and save time engaging with them.

CRM offers automation: From automating email workflows to organizing and categorizing customers, a CRM gives unparalleled control over communications. Once customers change status, easily move them through so you know exactly how to continue to engage with them. You never have to worry about missing follow ups, bothering customers unnecessarily, or reaching out needlessly to non-viable or inactive past customers.

Business intelligence provides accurate company-wide analytics: Reports are a main concern to C-level executives in most organizations. With robust business intelligence, they’re able to get analytics on all aspects of their business’ productivity. Gone are the days of manually calculating and sharing reports – with sharing capabilities, the entire company can get the same, statistically accurate information on company activities.

Integrations bring tools to you: No longer do you need to jump between accounts or profiles to fulfill your recruitment workflows. Ceipal integrates with 156+ different job boards, productivity apps, social media platforms, and vendor management systems. You’re now able to stay within your recruiting ecosystem while still getting access to the tools you need to work smoothly and efficiently.

Reach candidates where they’re at: When it comes to ideal candidate engagement, communications should be timely, natural, and reaching talent when and where they prefer to be contacted. Texting automation through Ceipal’s TextToHire lets you reach candidates quickly to help fill more placements. You can even set up, automate, and run entire texting campaigns from within Ceipal thanks to this time-saving integration.

Standout Quote

“Passive sourcing applicants works with the candidates who are not actively looking for a job. [These] candidates who’re not looking but are active on LinkedIn might be a perfect fit for the job. We let you find out about this candidate through an add-on with Ceipal.”