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Ceipal, TechServe Alliance IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard

Ceipal, TechServe Alliance IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard

In uncertain times, data is the key to success. In this session, Mark Roberts, CEO of Techserve Alliance discusses how agencies can leverage data to ensure their success. This session is one of the initiatives from the ongoing Ceipal TechServe Alliance partnership.

Below is the full recording to this session, as well as a quick summary to learn more about the various topics discussed.

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Presenters: Mark Roberts (CEO, TechServe Alliance); Michele Clarke (CFO, TechServe Alliance)

TechServe Alliance IT & Engineering Employment Indexes

TechServe Alliance consistently emphasizes the importance of data-driven management. To empower staffing firms with data, TechServe has released the IT & Engineering Employment Indexes for the past 15 years. These indexes track all employment related information in the USA for their respective sectors, enabling firms to make data-driven management decisions.

These indexes trace the following:

    • Annual IT & Engineering Employment Rates – Operating Expenses
    • Top Line Revenue – Submittals Closed by Business Type


  • And more


Example Index

TechServe Alliance Graph

Data as a Selling Tool & Benchmark

By equipping subscribers with statistics on average pay rates, unemployment rates, and more, TechServe Alliance’s indexes empower firms to negotiate with their clients. For example, say a client attempts to negotiate a lower pay rate, citing high unemployment. The TechServe Index provides real time data on average market rates, unemployment rates for that job title, and more, providing ammunition to negotiate for a higher rate.

One distinctive feature of the TechServe Indexes is their analysis of high profit versus typical staffing firms. In the below example (“Gross Margin Trend”), the green section represents the typical staffing firm’s gross margin rates. The higher performers, however, are noted in blue. This tiered analysis helps firms understand where they stand in relation to the market and decide whether their gross margins are sufficient for competitive profitability.

Gross Margin Trend

Gross Margin Trend

The TechServe Alliance Ceipal IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard

To further empower firms with data to benchmark themselves against competitors, TechServe Alliance partnered with Ceipal to create the IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard. Unlike the TechServe Indexes, which are released annually, the IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard is released on a monthly basis. This dashboard compares your KPIs, such as gross revenues, candidate submissions, etc., against other players in the industry. In this way, users of the dashboard can evaluate their strengths and weaknesses on a monthly basis, adjusting as needed.

Based on the information provided across the industry, the IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard provides predictive analytics on market trends and opportunities for growth. These analytics help participating firms stay ahead of competitors and make strategic decisions that result in long-term growth.

Any staffing firm can access a dashboard personalized to their business. To do so, staffing firms are initially asked to provide a brief overview of their business to date by filling out a 15-minute survey. After this initial data sharing, firms are asked to take five minutes to input data on a monthly basis. The dashboard displays within the staffing firm’s ATS,

Example Dashboard

Example CEIPAL TechServe Alliance Dashboard

The IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard is still accepting participants, who can fill out the survey here.