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Enabling Sales Team Success via Digital Marketing

Enabling Sales Team Success via Digital Marketing

Digital marketing. Everyone has heard the phrase. But what exactly does digital marketing entail? And more importantly, how can it be leveraged to increase your number of clients (and placements)?

In this session, we are joined by Larry Hemley, President of S.J. Hemley Marketing, to dive into the details of digital marketing, its advantages, and its ability to consistently deliver sales team success stories.

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Presenter: Larry Hemley (President, S.J. Hemley Marketing)

Digital marketing is no longer optional for staffing firms. Ideal candidates and clients are all online. If you lack a digital presence, you will miss out on them.

Sales enablement is essential to create an effective digital marketing strategy to reach these critical clients. It can help you create a system you can use again for your different target markets.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is how you equip sales teams to be more successful in their job. Typically, sales teams use sales enablement to create more effective campaigns and closing more deals. Because sales and recruiting are closely linked, sales enablement also works just as well for the recruitment process.

The exact definition of sales enablement is often contested. However, HubSpot created one of the best definitions of sales enablement that most experts agree on:
The iterative process of providing your business’ sales team with the resources they need to close more deals. These resources may include content, tools, knowledge, and information to effectively sell your product or service to customers.

Sales enablement provides your staffing firm with a full suite to attract clients and create effective campaigns to reach them.

An effective process to enable your staffing sales team can be repeated across campaigns and help you find ideal clients and candidates.

Define Your Journey

While you may be tempted to jump straight into planning your campaign, the prework is where the success happens. What are you trying to achieve with your audience? Some campaigns may work well for everyone, but usually, campaigns are aimed at a specific segment of your target audience. The more specific you can be with who you want to reach, it can help.

Develop & Determine Your Assets

A successful digital marketing campaign will help your target audience with the valuable content they need. What would help them develop their services? What does your audience want?

The best way to answer these questions is by asking your current clients. They can let you know where you can provide useful information for them. Some high-value content that you could offer include:

  • E-book
  • Case studies
  • Workforce surveys
  • Salary guide
  • News
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

Once you have your assets in order, you can continue working on your campaign.

Define Your Goals

Not every campaign has the same goals. While you may want to grow your business generally, your digital marketing campaign should have specific goals. With goals, you can track and determine how successful your strategy is.

Are you looking for a certain number of new clients, set meetings, candidates, or placements? Maybe you want to expand your offered industries and explore new areas? Perhaps a larger portion of the local market share?

How you define your goals will determine how you strategize and execute your digital marketing campaign. Sales and recruiting enablement should be a targeted approach that is customized to your business.

Determine Your Channels

There are several ways you can reach out to potential leads. You can choose to lean into one or two or utilize all of them:

  • Website
  • Email
  • Social media posting
  • Social media advertising
  • Other paid digital marketing channels
  • Calling
  • Texting

The last channel, texting, is not for every business. It depends on how comfortable you feel reaching out to your leads and how likely your potential customers will appreciate that kind of communication.

The vital question to consider is, where is your audience? This will help you determine which channels to use.

Define Your Lead Process

While leads are an exciting way to determine campaign effectiveness and vital for business, they are useless if they do not transform into clients.

What will happen to your leads when you receive them? Critical to the success of your campaign is a process to reach out to leads. Have a set plan in place once your leads come down the marketing funnel. Some ways to organize leads include:

  • Distribute by account or candidate owner
  • Distribute unassigned by round-robin
  • Create detailed tracking to account for each lead
  • Detail your expectations for both sales and recruiting teams

Launch Campaign

Launching a campaign does not mean everything is set in stone. Be agile in your approach and be willing to change subject lines, call to actions, and channels that don’t work for you.

It’s ok to change. The only way to know what works for certain is by testing it out on your audience. Track your campaign’s success and tweak it as needed.

Digital Campaigns for Staffing Sales Teams

Once you have a successful campaign, you’re ready to use the same template for your next journey. Sales enablement is a continuous process, and you likely have multiple target audiences that would benefit from their own campaigns. Ultimately, this will lead to a more successful business.