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Happy Recruiters, Happy Candidates, Happy Clients

Happy Recruiters, Happy Candidates, Happy Clients

Learn how integration advances operational agility and improves the human aspect of your business with SimpliVerified. 

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Presenters: Randy Yacobozzi (Partnership Manager, SimpliVerified) and Ben Sullivan (Owner, SimpliVerified)

The Three Audiences of a Staffing Firm

Every staffing firm has three “audiences”: their recruiters, their candidates, and their clients. If anyone of these three demographics is unhappy—or unresponsive—the entire firm suffers. But for many firms, maintaining consistently high morale across these groups is near impossible.

Near impossible—but not completely impossible. There are ways to ensure that every stage of the recruitment process runs smoothly, resulting in happy recruiters, happy candidates, and happy clients. Here’s how. 

The First Audience: Recruiters

Recruiting is a challenge, plain and simple. You need to manage daily marketing & sales calls, sourcing & selecting candidates, all while keeping a cheerful demeanor. Plus, the average placement follows these ten steps: 

  • Post job opening 
  • Collect applicants 
  • Reach out to passive applicants
  • Review all interested profiles 
  • Conduct phone screens
  • Schedule & conduct in-person interviews 
  • Review candidate notes with hiring managers
  • Offer letters or rejection emails 
  • Offer accepted/rejected/negotiated 
  • Onboarding 

This last step, “onboarding,” is the kicker. Onboarding requires thorough background checks for each candidate, a time-consuming, detail-heavy, and paper-work-ridden process. But recruiters must follow each step, from drug screening to I-9 forms, thoroughly. Otherwise, they risk the possibility of local, state, and federal compliance concerns, not to mention legal/financial exposure.

To this end, SimpliVerified offers a solution. With SimpliVerified, recruiters can launch a background screen directly from the candidate profile and review the report once complete. The extra steps of logging into different platforms, double-checking paperwork, and finishing compliance regulations, are eliminated. 

The result? Happy recruiters.

The Second Audience: Candidates

Like recruiters, candidates are also overwhelmed with work. Between updating resumes & writing cover letters, researching jobs & companies, and preparing for different interviews, searching for jobs is a tough task.

After surveying candidates, experts find that there is definite room for improvement in the recruitment process, specifically with onboarding candidates: 

  • 49% of millennials want a better onboarding process 
  • 32% of global executives say their onboarding process was poor 
  • 69% of new hires are more likely to stay in a company for +3 years if there is a well-structured onboarding program 

What does this mean? It means that companies cannot ignore onboarding. In fact, 22% of staff turnovers occur in the first 45 days of hiring—the very window when the onboarding process should be strongest.

So how can you make candidates happier, so they come back to your firm? A few simple tips include: 

  • Reduced communication and tasks for background consent and disclosures 
  • Security of personal information with an integrated background screening process
  • Inclusion, transparency, and ownership of the process as a candidate takes place in screening requirements

Observing these guidelines can lead to increased candidate loyalty to a firm for future opportunities. And for top-tier talent, that means greater profitability for staffing firms. 

The Third Audience: Clients

The third and final audience that staffing firms must keep happy is their clients. After all, clients will leave your firm if they’re not satisfied with their experience. And one way to impress your clients is to excel with adaptable integrations. In fact:

  • 68% of companies view integrations as more flexible and adding agility to their business services
  • 70% of companies using integrations experience a reduction in cycle time 
  • 71% of companies see integrations as a net positive 

SimplVerified specializes in integration with staffing firm clients. With SimpliVerified, your clients will experience: 

  • Improved processes for onboarding new hires
  • Optimized time to fill rates 
  • Best-in-class customer service model, leading to longer employee engagements 
  • Stronger relationships between staffing firm and client, as well as client and candidate

Why SimpliVerified?

Simpliverified will provide an overview of the impact that streamlining the workflow of front-office applicant tracking and background screening functions can have on office staff, candidates, and your valued clients. With SimpliVerified, you get:

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Compliant solutions for every job category
  • Expedited turnaround times with cost-effective price points
  • Strict adherence to federal & state regulations 

Our screening solutions integrated with CEIPAL provide immediate Return on Investment as internal staff can process candidates from one platform and focus their attention on more important activities, the candidate takes part in the onboarding process and feels an instant connection with the organization, and clients can schedule new hire orientations sooner with increased confidence.

Learn more about SimpliVerified here.