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Spark Hire: How to Engage and Place Top Talent with Video Interviews

Spark Hire: How to Engage and Place Top Talent with Video Interviews

Incorporating video interviews has the power to boost placements and increase your success as a staffing pro. However, knowing how best to leverage them isn’t always so obvious. During this session, we’ll detail how staffing firms are using video interviews to make more placements in 2021 and outline the unique benefits of implementing video interviews today.

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5 Key Takeaways

Video interviews serve multiple purposes: There are many ways to conduct a video interview and they serve various purposes. For example, live interviews help you see how a candidate reacts in real time. Asynchronous interviews give candidates a chance to think about a question before recording a response so they have time to really polish their thoughts and provide a coherent argument. And either (or both) of these could then be saved to share with clients if used by a staffing agency. No matter your exact need, there is likely a way to best achieve it with video interviews.

Videos are engaging: No matter their purpose, it’s been proven that videos are engaging. Wordstream research shows that viewers retain 95% of a message when it’s watched vs just 10% when it’s read. A majority of marketers also claim that their video content produces the best ROI over other mediums.

Videos benefit staffing firms: Whether you’re looking to get candidates in front of clients quicker or make them more tangible to the client, video is a great tool to utilize. They help speed up the decision making process and improve collaboration with clients so time isn’t wasted. You can also hang on to them, allowing you to build a digital library of video interviews that you can refer to at any time. Lastly, they’re a great way to connect with candidates no matter where they’re located. With remote work on the rise, it just doesn’t make sense to worry about in-person interviews when video is just as good – if not better!

Videos benefit candidates: Video interviews provide candidates with an opportunity to really express their passion and enthusiasm for a topic or your client’s organization. This is something that really can’t be replicated by sending in a resume or just talking to someone over the phone. With the video interview, every candidate has a chance to put their best foot forward and answer questions in their own words and really let their personality and skills shine through to the client.

Videos benefit clients: Thanks to pre-recorded video interviews, clients are able to actually compare candidate answers side-by-side against one another, making it easy to see where everyone stands on each particular issue. They also receive greater detail and a more personal narrative than they would by simply reading a resume or CV. Not only can presenting candidates on video give them a leg up in today’s market but it can also provide them with defensibility against other firms that are using the strategy, too.

Standout Quote

“Really the past year and a half has presented a number of different challenges to overcome as [there are] so many changes in the way that we do business. And this really means that you need to do more to stand out of the market.”