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Make Communications Better with SIPLINK

Make Communications Better with SIPLINK

Learn about the unmatched proficiency in IP and TDM interconnect for high-quality worldwide voice service.  SIPLINK Communications proposes international voice termination to carriers and service providers who need broad exposure and least variation in quality metrics.

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Presenter: A. Chandrasekaran (Business Development Manager, SIPLINK)

About SIPLink

SIPLINK Communications recommends unmatched proficiency in IP and TDM interconnect for high-quality worldwide voice service. Proposing international voice termination to carriers and service providers who need broad exposure and the least variation in quality metrics.

SIPLINK Communications also has a retail service that provides both residential and business customers at wholesale prices.

SIPLink is an ISP & ITSP Service Provider under the Department of Telecommunication. They are a licensed service provider by DOT since 2017. 

Key SIPLink Benefits

Providing global solutions for every business size, SIPLink’s key value drivers include: 

  • CRM integrations with click-to-dial for heightened productivity
  • Scalable solutions that make it easy to meet business requirements
  • Call recording, monitoring, and metrics to drive business insights
  • Mobile & remote workforce solutions for greater flexibility

Call Center Solutions

Power up interaction and move beyond customer support with SIPLink. SIPLink’s contact center is aimed at improving operational costs and workforce productivity while delivering awesome experiences to each and every customer. 

Some key features include:

  • Call Management. Schedule callbacks, automate inbound call distribution, configure interactive voice responses, personalize voicemails, and more. 
  • Campaign Management. Define campaign scripts, filter leads, create multi-lead lists per campaign, and more. 
  • Lead Management. Upload & download customer lists, filter & recycle leads, place timezone restrictions, and more.

With advanced call management solutions, you can set up a remote team of support executives, manage calls from customers and prospects on-the-go, while efficiently managing inbound as well as outbound business calls. Team members can work from anywhere, while managers can monitor the performance of each remote agent by tracking live calls, listening to call recordings, and giving live feedback as necessary. 

To learn more about SIPLink’s Call Center Solutions, visit here

Residential Solutions

Get internet-based voice services for your home. With SIPLink, you can use your existing internet connection to make phone calls. This provides the same user experience as a landline, but at a fraction of the cost.

Some key features include:

  • Caller-ID. Immediately see who is calling before picking up.
  • 3-Way Calling. Use your home phone to start a conference call with Three-Way Calling.
  • Voicemail to Email. Automatically transcribe all voicemails and have them sent to your email.

Most VOIP phone systems are provided by Hosted PBX providers, such as SIPLink. Plus, because SIPLink’s VOIP uses the internet to make calls, you never need to pay long-distance fees again.

To learn more about SIPLink’s Residential VOIP Solutions, visit here.

Internet Services

Access world-class internet infrastructure for 24/7 uninterrupted access. SIPLink provides dedicated internet access for enterprises, SMB, BPO, and educational institutions at one of the market’s most competitive prices. SIPLink’s service offerings include: 

  • Virtual Private Network. Internet VPN services come with dedicated equipment and large-scale encryption so the company remains constantly connected with multiple sites and a very secure firewall.
  • Dedicated Leased Lines. SIPLink provides a dedicated internet port ensuring that your internet is always fast and reliable.
  • Internet Data Center. SIPLink offers the ideal hosting environment for data for global & emerging markets. Outsourcing your servers results in highly scalable redundant bandwidth connections to ensure reliability & availability.
  • Infrastructure. SIPLink’s internal network is on layer 3switch from Nortel and structured cabling from Panduit. With an ultra-efficient and high-end power backup system in place, SIPLink provides end-to-end connectivity for customers.

To learn more about SIPLink’s Internet Services, visit here.