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Maximizing Your Ceipal ITServe Membership

Maximizing Your Ceipal ITServe Membership

In this presentation, Ceipal is joined by ITServe Alliance’s President, Amar Varadda, to explore the many opportunities available through ITServe Alliance and the benefits of your Ceipal ITServe membership.

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Presenter: Amar Varada (President, ITServe Alliance)

ITServe Alliance is the largest association of Information Technology Solutions & Services organizations in the US, representing over 1,200 member companies. The Alliance is the voice of all prestigious IT companies functioning with similar interests across the United States. Founded in 2010, ITServe has evolved as a capable and respected platform to collaborate and initiate measures in the direction of protecting common interests and ensuring the collective success of its member companies. Ceipal ITServe membership comes with unique benefits to Ceipal users.

ITServe Alliance: All in All

Joining the ITServe Alliance guarantees your organization access to a network of leading tech solutions & service providers. The ITServe Promise includes:

  • Serving as a unified and future-focused platform to promote new business avenues and safeguard the interests of member companies
  • Identifying key business catalysts and generating business networking opportunities among members & other business affiliates
  • Representing members in matters dealing with regulatory & government authorities
  • Supporting innovations and start-ups with their go-to-market strategy, and generating economies of large scale

Members of the ITServe Alliance can expect:

ITServe Alliance – PAC Strategy & Startup Cube

ITServe has three-pronged approach to policy advocacy. This includes:

  • Lobby. Lobby with congressmen and senators to educate & help amend laws to favor member business interests.
  • Litigate. Track record of fighting USCIS’s unfair & incorrect interpretation of regulations. For example, ITServe successfully challenged the I-983 OPT placement restrictions on third party sites, benefitting thousands of employers and students.
  • Educate. Educate the larger public & legislators using social media & other traditional channels on the benefits of H-B1 program & eliminate misconceptions about H-1B programs.

ITServe helps startups in the following areas:

  • Innovation. Provide a platform for entrepreneurs to collaborate and network about upcoming ideas. 
  • Investment. Help entrepreneurs succeed & create wealth by providing access to capital, advisory, mentoring, marketing & management resources. 
  • Entrepreneurship. Help entrepreneurs and start ups present and fund ideas through member network. 

The ITServe Marketplace helps entrepreneurs as well, providing opportunities to grow business, upsell products & solutions, and sell new products & services.

Flagship Annual Conference – ITServe Syngery

Synergy is ITServe Alliance’s flagship Annual Conference which will see over 1500 CXOs from 1200+ companies come together. It is an information-rich event which provides business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives with strategies and solutions that address the unique needs of the IT Solution & Services Industry.

To learn more about ITServe’s Syngery, visit here.

To explore the benefits of Ceipal ITServe membership further, visit here