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Power Talk—Evolution of the Staffing Market in India

The Indian staffing market is currently a $10 billion industry, growing at 28% percent YoY and poised to become one of the largest by 2030. Staffing in India is a huge industry, covering areas such as talent acquisition, employee responsibilities, reskilling employees, and providing them with fair compensation. This session will discuss the growth and expansion opportunities on the horizon for the Indian staffing industry. India has the advantage of having the second largest working-age population in the world—a critical element that will drive the growth of the Staffing Solutions market in India.

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Presenters: Suchita Dutta (Executive Director, Indian Staffing Federation); Rajani Guntur (VP—HROPs & RPA, T.M. Inputs & Services); Sameer Mehta (Managing Director, Multiplier Brand Solutions)