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Reinvent Recruiting with Next-Generation Automation

Reinvent Recruiting with Next-Generation Automation

Unlock the power of AI and personalization to supercharge revenue growth. In this session, Pankaj Jindal, Co-Founder of Sense, details how automation can make talent your competitive advantage, helping you become more profitable.

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The Two Classes of Automation

Big picture there are two “classes” or types of automation. The first is maintenance and data cleaning. This basic automation leads to productivity and time savings. But more importantly it lays the foundation for strategic automation. 

Strategic automation is event-triggered, personalized communication that directly impacts ROI. Strategic automation with AI and bi-directional conversations leads to increased engagement, retention, and growth. After implementing strategic automation, Sense’s clients have seen: <

  • Tangible gains in ROI 
  • Stronger candidate engagement
  • More personal communications 
  • Increased candidate retention rates 

Simple enough, right? But don’t move too fast. These two classes of automation break down into actionable processes that you can implement throughout your recruitment lifecycle.

Database Automation

Turn your ATS into a self-sourcing, self-cleaning machine. Part of “maintenance and data cleaning” automation, database automation updates your data at scale. Sense integrates with your ATS, empowering your software to self-clean, regenerate, and become an asset for sourcing, marketing and more.

Database automation helps staffing firms: 

  • Save up to 20% of recruiters’ data entry time 
  • Move faster with more trusted, up-to-date-data
  • Garbage comes in, garbage moves out – no duplicate resumes
  • Update records & leads for more accurate outreach

Database automation also helps staffing firms reengage the talent in their databases. By automating reactivation touchpoints in your ATS, you can expand your candidate pool and reduce your job board spend by up to 25%. These tasks can be completed without adding any in-person work or complicated, manual processes: it’s all automatic. 

Introducing this re-engagement strategy helps staffing firms:

  • Action drip campaigns with no information to identify talent that’s ready to work
  • Build skill-based audiences to target recent job listings
  • Move newly active candidates through the funnel

Recruitment Marketing & Candidate Engagement

Give marketers and recruiters automation superpowers. Automation makes communications flexible and more personal. And in today’s changing market, leaning on automation can help you pivot quickly. This automation helps you send out relevant communications & updates that keep your candidates engaged. 

So how does this recruitment marketing automation work? Artificial intelligence. By pairing automation with conversational AI, recruiters can have high-quality conversations at scale. By letting automation technologies such as chatbots source, screen, and aggregate candidate data, recruiters only receive candidates vetted based on their particular criteria.

After implementing recruitment marketing & sourcing, Sense clients find: 

  • Recruiter productivity boosts by up to 20%
  • Lower total spend for talent acquisition 
  • Increased & personalized candidate engagement 
  • A more consistent pipeline of higher-quality talent

Sense is also optimized for mobile experiences, helping strengthen relationships in a remote world. By automating SMS candidate outreach, recruiters can give candidates personalized experiences with variables pulled directly from your ATS. Plus, recruiters can use emojis, gifs, and images (when appropriate) to keep messages friendly and candidates happy. 

Most importantly, Sense also gives detailed analytics on every step of the automation process. You can track and measure all talent interactions from one location, turning your recruiters into supercharged agents that communicate when it matters most.

On Assignment, Contractor Experience & Redeployment

Delight, retain, and engage in the field with automation. Think about how much work it takes to make one placement. A lot, right? That means it’s critical for you to maintain the relationships with your consultants on billing. Otherwise, that work was for nothing. 

Sense helps automate that work. With Sense, you can: 

  • Use automation to reach out at key stages of the candidate lifecycle
  • Keep dialogue open with your consultants & share feedback with clients 
  • Use sentiment analysis to see trends at scale & adjust in real-time

Sense finds that redeployment is the #1 metric to move with automation. It puts real dollars on the balance sheet. Drive conversations early in a consultant’s placement with automated touchpoints. You can also send out internal reminders to associates about timesheets, reviews, and other critical communications. 

About Sense 

Sense partners with forward-thinking staffing companies to transform the talent experience while helping lower costs, protect revenue, and grow their business. 

Sense’s system of engagement drives results across three key pillars: 

  • Growth. Powerful outreach to attract more candidates and build your pipeline at scale.
  • Retention. Engagement throughout the talent lifecycle to keep talent happier, longer.
  • Automation. Smarter automation to deliver personalized communication, productivity gains, and tangible ROI.