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Shark Tank Competition: Corporate Panel

Shark Tank Competition: Corporate Panel

At CEIPAL, we’re proud to regularly collaborate with the top leaders in recruitment & staffing. And with our Shark Tank Competition, we’ve created the opportunity for other organizations to meet them too. During this session, three firms had 15 minutes to give their ideal sales pitch to a panel of judges. At the conclusion of the session, judges gave feedback to the participants and ranked each pitch on a scale of 1-10. 

For this panel, Hetal Parikh, President of Rangam, Greg Frick, President & CEO of Qualified Recruiter, and Romeen Sheth, President & CEO at Metasys Technologies, spoke about their organizations and why their offerings were best in class solutions.

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Presenters: Hetal Parikh (President, Rangam); Greg Frick (President & CEO, Qualified Recruiter); Romeen Sheth (President & CEO, Metasys Technologies)
Panel of Judges: Satish Kumar (Country Head, LinkedIn); Vishal Dembla (Persol Kelly); Varun Guatam (Global Head of Talent Acquisition & Management, Hexaware Technologies)

Rangam’s Pitch: Diversity, Digitization, Inclusion & Empathy in Building a Talent Army 

For Rangam, the mission is simple: promote meaningful employment for everyone utilizing technology and human touch. Hetal opened her presentation by emphasizing the importance of creating inclusive & equitable workplaces where members of a diverse workforce—including people with disabilities—can thrive and grow. 

Hetal asserted that Rangam was the best employment agency on the market to achieve this diversity. Serving Fortune 500 clients since 1995 with multiple awards for tech innovation, supplier excellence, and customer satisfaction, Rangam provides innovative talent solutions that are aligned with customer business objectives and bottom-line goals.

“For over 20 years, we have proved that empathy drives innovative talent solutions,” said Hetal. “And our clients have seen the effectiveness of this approach.” 

Hetal illustrated Rangam’s ability to address multi-generational talent diversity, a weak point for companies around the world. She demonstrated that the contemporary workplace consists of five generations working simultaneously. This requires flexible benefit plans, dynamic employee training, and holistic solutions to talent needs—all of which Rangam provides. 

Hetal referenced Rangam’s non-traditional ways of attracting talent, synch as interactive media like chat shows, and advanced technology, like networking apps. She also emphasized Rangam’s use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for better skills-based profiling. 

“The main outcome we see is identifying the right talent for the right skill, ability, and availability,” said Hetal. 

Qualified Recruiter’s Pitch: Recruiting – How it Always Works

Qualified Recruiter began their sales pitch on a different note, asking attendees to participate in an imaginative exercise. Pretend that you’re a recruiter and every day of your job looks something like this: 

  • Jobs come in at the exact pace you expect
  • Job descriptions are crystal clear
  • Managers are always available to answer any questions (which you probably don’t have, because the job descriptions are so good) 
  • There are always the perfect number of recruiters available 
  • The ATS you’re using never glitches or backfires 

Now, how many recruiters actually feel like this? The unfortunate answer is zero. So, what should recruiters do? 

According to Qualified Recruiter, there are a few simple solutions that every staffing firm can follow: 

  • Bandwidth on demand. Add trained professional recruiters within 24-hours to meet the demands of your clients.
  • Get more candidates. Multiply the ability of your current staff with experts in the recruiting business that require zero training and will feed your team quality candidates quickly. 

The only problem is, how can staffing firms invest in this bandwidth and get these candidates without sending operational costs through the roof? 

Enter Qualified Recruiters LLC. As a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company, Qualified Recruiters provides expertly trained teams of professional recruiters to help staffing firms meet their client’s demands. Every recruiter has a college degree, has demonstrated communication skills, and is trained with Qualified Recruiter’s private methodology, that is proven to yield results.

At every step of Qualified Recruiter’s process, there are numerous quality checks that recruiters must fulfill. This ensures only the highest level candidates are chosen for Qualified Recriuter’s customers and the end-client. 

Metasys Technologies Pitch: Contingent WorkForce Transformation Journey 

Metasys began its pitch by identifying some of the most common challenges faced by Procure, HR, and Finance executives today. These include:

  • Datasets are fragmented and incomplete, paralyzing organization’s ability to identify talent needs 
  • Supply chains are too narrow & diversity is too lacking in the current talent pool 
  • Cost savings is a #1 priority, but currently, teams are stretched too thin 

These concerns boil down to one question: how can companies effectively unlock the potential of contingent labor? Contingent labor can increase diversity, fulfill talent needs, and provide cost effective solutions. But successfully implementing a contingent labor program is difficult.

To help organizations drive true insights into their workforce, Metasys has developed a customized solution with leading contingent workforce analytics providers to empower organizations to think of the future of the workforce. These solutions include metrics on: 

  • Data quality assessment
  • Skills distribution & forecasting
  • Labor basket analysis
  • Job taxonomy clustering
  • Fillability index & heat map 
  • Supply & demand analytics
  • SOW Visibility and benchmarking

With these analytics, Metasys’ clients are equipped to responsibly invest in the contingent workforce with full visibility into their total talent spend.

But Metasys goes beyond just providing data to clients. In fact, Metasys guides clients through the process of procuring, evaluating, and managing contingent labor with a four-step framework: 

  1. Baseline Diagnosis – How does the nature of work relate to your evolving business strategy?
  2. Translate Strategy into Business Need – What do we want our brand to be recognized for in the talent market? 
  3. Develop Roadmap for Execution – Which partners and resources do I have that I can leverage?
  4. Implement Contingent Talent Strategy –  How do I adjust my strategy with the new information?

Metasys Technologies helps customers attract, engage and retain top talent. In addition to the above Metasys offers a number of services, including Payrolling, Contract Staffing, Executive Search, and Managed Service Programs, to round out organizations’ procurement & talent strategy.

The Judge’s Feedback 

All three presentations were highly praised by the judges. Each participant offered thorough solutions to different pain points in the recruitment process, demonstrating the diversity and innovation of the staffing industry at large. 

Rangam was praised for their philanthropic initiative and their ability to sustain business profitability while giving back to society. Quality Recruiter was noted for their enthusiastic presentation and their consultative approach to staffing firms who want to grow, but do not yet have the resources. And Metasys received a round of applause for their future-oriented approach to talent recruitment. 

Generally, the judges had the following critiques: 

  • The lack of information around industry-specific solutions. In all cases, the participants pitched toward a general staffing firm. But the judges wanted participants to dig deeper and demonstrate that their solutions were able to help multiple industry segments face their specific challenges.
  • The lack of detail around practical steps toward implementation. How long would it take to deploy any of one of these solutions? How long until the technology is integrated? And once integrated, how seamlessly does data flow between the two systems?