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Shark Tank Competition: Staffing Panel

Shark Tank Competition: Staffing Panel

At CEIPAL, we’re proud to regularly collaborate with the top leaders in recruitment & staffing. And with our Shark Tank Competition, we’ve created the opportunity for our partners to meet them too. During this session, three of CEIPAL’s integration partners had 15 minutes to give their ideal sales pitch to a panel of judges. At the conclusion of the session, judges gave feedback to the partners and ranked each pitch on a scale of 1-10.

For this panel, Ashish Bhatnagar, Head of NA Sales at dotin, Adnan Soofi, Global Sales Leader at iMocha, and Brad Money, New Business Sales Executive at Dice, gave their pitches as to why their services were most essential for success.

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Presenters: Ashish Bhatnagar (Head of NA Sales, dotin); Adnan Soofi (Global Sales Leader, iMocha); Brad Money (New Business Sales Executive, Dice)
Panel of Judges: Christine Wright (Senior VP & National Strategic Advisor, Hays Recruiting); Ben Thankur (ETeam); Alok Kumar (Senior Director, Manpower Group)

Dice’s Pitch: From Job Board to Career Marketplace

Dice began their pitch by identifying themselves as the leading career destination for tech experts at every stage of their careers. Dice is a FREE service for High Tech Professionals, looking for a reliable place to find detailed information on consulting and full time positions that companies are looking to fill, read interesting information, and trade ideas with others.

With Dice, recruiters are given the following benefits:

  • Access to large quantities of high-quality tech resumes
  • Large quantities of active tech resumes (the most up to date data)
  • Industry-leading quick & reliable results for recruiters

Specializing in tech professionals, Dice understands what jobs tech professionals are looking for and how they want to communicate. This means that Dice helps make quick placements in the industry.

The reality is that recruiters aren’t getting the full picture without Dice. 20% of Dice <30-day active candidates showed up only on Dice, while 65% of Dice <30-day active candidates were only found on Dice and one other site. That means that high-quality candidates are coming to Dice first, and sometimes exclusively (see chart).

Why does Dice have such a hold over tech professionals? Simply because Dice is evolving from a job board to a career marketplace. With Dice, recruiters and candidates alike receive the following benefits:

  • Discoverability & transparency
  • Real-time communications and connections
  • Enhanced profile content beyond titles & skills

For any recruiter in the tech space, then, Dice is a must-have source of top-tier talent.

iMocha’s Pitch: AI-Powered Digital Skills Assessments

iMocha broadened the playing field away from tech talent, opening the floor to all recruitment professionals through their skill assessment offerings. 

iMocha opened their presentation by asserting that the roles people will be applying for in the next decade simply don’t exist today. With the rapid adoption of advanced technology and AI, many skills will become obsolete. Therefore, quantifying skill proficiency of candidates in the changing talent landscape is increasingly difficult.

With its digital skill assessments, iMocha helps organizations navigate this difficulty. With a library of +2,000 skill assessments, an online digital platform, and on-demand consulting services, iMocha helps organizations identify the talent that will move their companies toward success.

iMocha’s skill assessments address key pain areas in talent acquisition, including:

  • Dependency on hiring managers for assessment creation
  • Interviewing logistics
  • Unfair candidate evaluation through unconscious or conscious bias

iMocha’s offerings also include:

  • +100 questions and assessments for every relevant skill on the market
  • Coding simulators and code replay
  • Video interviews (both automated and live)
  • Proctoring – video, image, and others
  • Custom assessments and content services
  • Consultative approaches to talent acquisition

iMocha concluded their presentation by quoting Jim Collins, Lecturer and Author of Good to Great, saying, “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

dotin’s Pitch: Virtual Hiring, Engagement, & Retention Today

dotin is a personality DNA company, using AI to improve matches between employers and employees and enhance workforce development. dotin’s innovative technology has received 7 patents and featured in 8 journal papers, resulting in a capstone program at Columbia University.

Companies using dotin’s services have seen results such as:

  • Cost per hire decreasing by 90%
  • Accuracy of candidate-employer matching increased by 91%
  • Retention rate for employees increased by 23%
  • Productivity increased by 2.5x company wide

dotin delivers these results through three products: PerFit Sourcing, Perfit Screening, and PerFit Upskilling & Engaging.

  • Perfit Sourcing. Leverage AI to help companies identify, attract, and engage the 85% of the workforce that currently identifies as “passive candidates,” i.e., job seekers who are not actively looking to switch careers but are open to new opportunities.
  • Perfit Screening. Measure your already-sourced or short-listed applicants against your ideal job description. Enter your job description to quickly compare all applicant resumes and instantly see each candidate’s alignment with your organization.

Example of Perfit Sourcing & Screening

  • PerFit Upskilling & Engaging. dotin offers a powerful 1-Minute Workplace Personality Assessment to bring workforce collaboration to new heights. Profile employees to identify areas that need improvement, then customize a training curriculum designed specifically to fill those cultural or skill gaps.

dotin’s products have been awarded a number of industry accolades including:

The Judge’s Feedback

Overall, all presentations were highly praised by the judges. Dice’s presentation was singled out for its “innovative approach to the future of recruitment,” whereas iMocha’s presentation received praise for its “practical strategies to make recruiting more efficient and effective, both in the short and long term.” dotin, too, received praise for its patented technology and truly disruptive approach to candidate evaluation.

Generally, the judges had a few critiques, including:

  • The lack of detail around practical steps toward implementation. How well do the competitors’ solutions integrate with ATS, HRIS, and HCM platforms? How long do these integrations take? And once integrated, how seamlessly does data flow between the two systems?
  • The lack of hard data around the benefits of each solution. How much time can recruiters save, on average, from using Dice, iMocha, and dotin? Do retention rates increase? Does client satisfaction?