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SymTem: Tools & Solutions for COVID-19 Workplace Reentry

SymTem: Tools & Solutions for COVID-19 Workplace Reentry

Ceipal is joined by Erica Clausen-Lee (Chief Product Officer, InfoMart) and Tammy Cohen (Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, InfoMart) to learn how employers can take COVID-19 workplace reentry precautions.

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Presenter: Erica Clausen-Lee (Chief Product Officer, InfoMart) and Tammy Cohen (Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, InfoMart)

InfoMart has been in business for 30 years. As a woman-owned business, InfoMart offers a variety of screening solutions for staffing firms and clients. These include background screening, MSP screening, and vendor screening. InfoMart prides itself on helping companies mitigate risk on behalf of their sponsor customers.

InfoMart and Ceipal: A Seamless Onboarding Process

InfoMart has a long history of partnering with ATS platforms and HCM systems. From a background screening perspective, the InfoMart – Ceipal integration follows a simple process.

Candidates are sourced and acquired through the Ceipal system. If candidates are qualified for submission, that candidate’s profile is seamlessly transferred to the InfoMart system. InfoMart’s partner WebASAP then verifies all submitted data. If anything is missing for the background check, the candidate receives an invitation to submit these materials directly to WebASAP.

Once InfoMart has all the necessary information, the background check is completed. InfoMart informs Ceipal users whether or not the candidate meets all criteria or requires further review.

SymTem: A COVID-19 Workplace Solution

SymTem was created to provide a safe COVID-19 workplace reentry solution. As a symptom and temperature assessment product, SymTem also functions as a COVID-19 management platform.

SymTem works like this:

  • All employees download the SymTem app on their phone. Every day, all employees are reminded to take their daily symptom assessment.
  • If the employee passes their symptom assessment, they receive a digital badge. This badge allows entry into a facility or directs them to work remotely.

Clients have the freedom to add specific criteria to their employees’ daily symptom assessment. The assessment can include taking the employee’s temperature. Plus the app gauges how exposed the employee is, and evaluating the employee’s symptoms.

To learn more about InfoMart, and their SymTem solution, visit here.