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The Growing Role of the Organized Staffing Industry

The Growing Role of the Organized Staffing Industry

Learn more about the growing role of the organized staffing industry, and new opportunities you can leverage to take your staffing organization to the next level with the Indian Staffing Federation (ISF).

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Presenter: Suchita Dutta (Executive Director, Indian Staffing Federation)

As companies seek to harness an international workforce’s advantages, the Indian staffing industry has experienced a boom. Even with the impact of COVID on businesses worldwide, Indian staffing continues to bounce back and grow bigger than ever.

However, this unprecedented growth has also created a shift in how Indian staffing operates. The staffing industry is gaining recognition as a vital part of the workforce, and the emergence of gig workers also highlighted the need for protections for those who work in the industry.

While almost 85% of the staffing industry is performing informally, the future of staffing is shifting to formal:

  • In three years, 2.7% of the workforce shifted from informal to formal.
  • The formal workforce experienced a compounded annual growth rate of 10.8%
  • The flexible workforce grew at a compounded annual rate of 16.3%

This rise in formal staffing means that workers can experience more protections while employers can find quality and consistent work.

ISF Goal: Engage. Empower. Enable.

For years, Indian Staffing Federation has been heading this change from an informal to formal workforce. They have worked with government leaders, employers, and workers to create a sustainable and healthy work environment for everyone involved.

ISF’s partnerships have brought new protections and government partnerships in recent years. Their most landmark achievement was helping to pass the Occupational Safety, Health, and Working Conditions code of 2020. This code brought the staffing industry under the OSH Labor Code through National State License.

Many companies are turning to ISF to create a better workforce for their companies.

Protect Your Business Through Enhanced Legal Compliance

Many companies are not aware of the latest legislations and protections offered to Indian workers. However, ISF helps businesses create practices that support workers and comply with all laws and codes.

Model contracts are a critical way that ISF partners with and helps companies. They can direct companies new to Indian Staffing to understand how they work, plus how to create model contracts that benefit both job seekers and employers. ISF also instructs new companies on best industry practices and ensures they know how successfully use an international workforce.

ISF’s legal team of attorneys also helps companies understand staffing-specific laws and ensure compliance. Since legislation continues to grow and evolve, their legal advice helps companies know the latest compliance issues and how to avoid legal complications.

Insights and Information: Research & Trends

The Indian staffing industry is constantly changing. Companies that keep up with the latest changes will be able to best harness Indian labor to grow their businesses.

ISF is uniquely positioned to be an authority on the latest research. As a Standing Committee Statistics member with the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation for Periodic Labor, they have access to the highest quality and latest research. They can help companies utilize reliable data and analysis to drive business decisions with their Industry Peer reports.

Get Involvement with Membership Activities & Build Powerful Connections

Successful partnership with Indian labor means that knowledge transfer is not just happening at the higher levels but all levels of staffing. Interacting with employers and staff can help companies ensure that there is effective communication.

Webinars, conferences, and member events all allow companies the chance to learn about the Indian staffing industry plus get the opportunity to connect with employers.

ISF also helps companies make powerful connections that are vital to making sure they are getting the most out of their partnerships. ISF helps convene thought leaders, business partners, and industry experts to explore best practices, exchange ideas, share knowledge, and craft solutions.

These strategic connections provide an important network for your company, leading to new business opportunities, and continued growth.

Organized Indian Staffing for the Future of Business

The Indian staffing industry offers companies a way to create an agile and productive international workforce. By utilizing the formal sector with ISF, companies can ensure they maintain compliance, access valuable resources and industry trends, and build their business networks.

The future of business in the Indian labor force is organized and offers workers with needed protections. The faster that companies provide these protections, the more they can take advantage of the benefits of a formal workforce.