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The Impact of Emerging Technology on Talent Acquisition

The Impact of Emerging Technology on Talent Acquisition

Technology has already disrupted the staffing industry but, if the past decade has seemed challenging, nothing compares to the tsunami of innovation coming our way. Staffing is faced with a twin challenge—technology not only impacts the way that staffing firms operate and deliver their services, it is also reshaping the world of work and demand for skilled workers in a labor market undergoing profound change. There is as much, if not more, to be excited about as there is to be worried about and the main challenge will simply be to stay informed in a fast-moving and complex environment.

Using SIA’s latest research insights, John Nurthen walks us through the impact of emerging technology on the talent acquisition landscape with actionable advice for staffing executives.

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Presenter: John Nurthen (Executive Director, Global Research, SIA)