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The Rebirth of VOIP During COVID-19

The Rebirth of VOIP During COVID-19

Learn how VOIP has carried hundreds of staffing firms through the COVID-19 crisis. In this session, John Estiva of Vitel Global discusses how staffing firms can use key VOIP innovations—such as call recording, conference bridging, and CRM integrations—to boost productivity and profitability across the board.

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Presenter:John Evista (COO, Vitel Global Communications)

If COVID-19 has taught the market anything, it’s that business communication is critical during a crisis or emergency. Poor communication can lead to misinformation, which in turn, can result in losing clients. 

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VOIP telephony, offers organizations in all sectors the solution to this communication crisis. With VOIP, companies can be in instant contact with their workforce, clients, and partners with no hassle. 

What is VOIP?

VOIP Telephony providers, such as Vitel Global Communications, ensure effective communication and business continuity in times of crisis. Typical VOIP feature offerings include: 

  • Mobile Workforce
  • Conferencing Capabilities
  • Team Collaboration via Internal SMS 
  • Business SMS
  • High-Quality Connections & Voice Transfer 

Vitel Global Communications specifically offers all of these services at a very low cost, enabling businesses of all sizes to effectively work remotely. 

World-Class Business Phone Services

Vitel Global Communications offers world-class business phone services. With business phone services, a remote workforce can make professional calls from anywhere using a recognizable business number. This ability enables companies to maintain continuity with their clients and partners, despite the sudden shift to work from home. 

Vitel’s Business Phone Services include: 

  • Reliability & call quality
  • Security & compliance 
  • Excellent customer support
  • 60+ business phone features

With 2,000+ clients using leveraging Vitel Global Communication’s platform, these VOIP services have ensured that organizations are instantly connected to their prospects, propelling business forward.

Premium Business Phone Features

Vitel helps make your workforce more productive with the following cutting-edge features: 

  • Business SMS. Text prospects, clients, and partners from an established business phone number.
  • Conference Bridging. Collaborate with multiple team members in different time zones and locations. 
  • Call Recording. Automatically record calls and distribute to team members. 
  • CRM / ATS Integration. Integrate with your CRM and ATS to seamlessly sync all data between systems. 
  • Ring Groups. Configure multiple phones to ring at the same time. E.g., when a prospect calls and selects “1” for sales, your entire team’s phones will ring simultaneously. /li>
  • Flash Real Time Operator Panel. Quickly see the status of any extension without physically going near any phone.
  • Virtual Receptionist. With a hosted PBX phone system, you can configure a virtual receptionist to direct calls where they need to go. 
  • Mobile & Desktop App 

With Vitel Global Communications you can access all your data from your desktop or mobile in an instant. These highly adaptable apps can be configured to any customer’s workflow, helping ensure productivity and profitability. 

These apps enable customers to: 

  • Connect to team members, customers, and vendors 
  • Create a single business identity for HD VOIP calling, contact syncing, conference bridging and SMS communications
  • Integrations with Office365, Google Chrome, as well as any ATS/CRM
  • Advance call controls, like flip, forward, transfer, and more 
  • Team screen sharing, download files and recordings, web-based browser (desktop only)

Robust Customer Portal & Support

A key pillar of Vitel Global Communication’s promise to customers is 24/7 customer support and an adaptable & robust customer portal. Through this customer portal, users can schedule call reports, modify company-wide settings, order DIDs, access billing summaries, and more. 

Vitel’s Customer Service lines guarantee: 

  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Post sales implementation team 
  • Chat, email, & phone support 
  • 100+ certified VOIP engineers

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