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The Return of Pillar Content & How it Can Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

The Return of Pillar Content & How it Can Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

You have heard for years that Content is King, but why? Is your content that engaging? Do prospects suddenly want to see what you are all about? What about industry information like salary guides and onboarding kits? Pillar content has been called different things over the years from aggregated content to detail pages, but with all the content we are generating as staffing and consulting firms, why are we not leveraging it for better results? Pillar pages allow you the ability to drive greater engagement, better SEO, and ultimately, more leads from both candidates and clients.

The reality is that nearly everyone including you is turning to the internet to gain insights into specific questions. Will you have that content waiting for them? Come hear about how pillar content can supercharge your marketing efforts.

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5 Key Takeaways

You don’t need to be everything to everyone: It’s great that Home Depot can offer everything you could ever need – hence why it beats out local hardware stores. But, this relates to products. When it comes to services, you’d rather be specific. After all, if you have an eye problem, you’d rather go to the ophthalmologist than your general practitioner. By being able to be a standout leader in your space, you’re better equipped to find clients who actually need the specific thing you’re best at.

Secure more leads by providing more content: By utilizing a pillar page (aka “super page”) you’re more likely to attract leads. How? Because if you organize all of your content around a particular topic onto one page, it’s going to be relevant to a wider audience. If I know a lot about diverse staffing, put your content on attracting minority candidates, securing veterans, and upskilling female employees on one page. Now, anyone looking for any of those 3 topics will land on your site. You’re instantly widening your net with pillar content.

Solidify your SEO: By discussing one key topic over and over, and sharing expertise on the subject from many angles, you’re able to solidly position yourself as an expert on the topic. And, by having strong SEO around that topic, it’s now easy for you to appear as the expert in the SERPS.

Create a microsite with topic clusters: By considering all aspects of your pillar page topic, you’ll be able to create individual topic clusters that address key points. Together, these small topic clusters can come to form a branch of your site – a microsite within your domain, if you will. By building up this content and linking to it from your pillar page, you’ll offer continual engagement to your site visitors.

Linking to others helps you: If you don’t have the materials you need to adequately position yourself as a leader on a topic, consider creating a Resource pillar page. By linking to internal and external content that’s relevant for your site visitors, they’ll keep coming back to you because it’s easier than doing the research on their own. What’s more, gathering information from many sources into one page helps you in terms of link building, showing to search engines that you’re well-connected and knowledgeable on your given topic.

Standout Quote

“Pillar content is the idea of bringing a large amount of content into a single page. But the reason that you care is because of leads, leads, leads!”