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Why Recruitment Email Campaigns Are Killing Your Business

Why Recruitment Email Campaigns Are Killing Your Business

If not carefully done, email marketing can have a significantly negative impact on your firm’s brand. In this session, Larry Hemley dives into the common mistakes of recruitment email campaigns, and how to fix them.

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Presenter: Larry Hemley (President & Founder, S.J.Hemley Marketing)

The average person receives over 100 junk emails a day. Unfortunately, the reality is that staffing firms send a large number of these junk emails. Too often, agencies send solicitation emails for acquiring candidates, prospecting clients, marketing jobs, and more. The result? Your email domain is blocked by candidates, clients, and email providers. And that means fewer job requisitions and fewer placements. 

But recruitment email campaigns are not dead. In fact, successful email marketing can yield tremendous results. All you have to do is follow these rules:

  • Personalization
  • Clarity & Concision
  • Strategic Cadences


No matter who you email—a client, a candidate, or a consultant—that person wants to feel like you’re talking to them. And with advanced CRM capabilities, this level of personalization is easy. Keeping your database up to date and using merge fields empowers you to craft & send personalized messages en mass.

So what are key fields to personalize? Well, a few easy ones include: 

  • First name
  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Field

But the more data you have, the more specific these fields can be. Doing a bit of legwork, researching your database on LinkedIn, and diligently maintaining your database are good places to start. This will help you send emails that are personalized and optimized for responses.

Clarity and Concision

When email marketing started, highly formatted and eye-catching emails were the norm. Bright colors, high-resolution graphics, and headlines were the most engaging.

Today, however, email marketing has changed. Instead of relying on visuals to do marketing, companies are now using plain emails. Clear, concise, and full data fields, these emails get straight to the point. 

More importantly, they don’t look like marketing emails. They look like something you would send to a friend or a colleague. This is the exact way to increase response rates. Some marketing professionals even include typos in their emails, so the recipient gets the impression this email was composed specifically for him or her. (Because no one would send out a mass email with a typo, right?) 




Strategic Cadences

It may seem obvious, but developing a strategy for your email marketing is critical for success. Say your firm sends out communications on an ad-hoc basis, with no determined process in place. The likelihood that you’re spamming your database is high.

With today’s CRM technology, automating recruitment cadences is straightforward. A good recruitment cadence is exemplified below. 

Note that this cadence combines email marketing with: 

  • Phone calls
  • Voicemails
  • Social media engagement
  • Mailings

By using multiple mediums in your cadence, you’re maximizing your engagement with any potential candidate and client. 

Example Cadence

Getting Started

Taking your email marketing to the next level won’t happen overnight. But improving your communications will significantly increase your firm’s profitability. So how do you get started?

The steps are simple: 

  • Build your database
  • Research your prospects
  • Utilize your information
  • Launch your campaigns

Of course, this is easier said than done. The first two steps—building your database and doing your research—are detail-oriented tasks that are critical to your success. But, done correctly, these steps will see you through to more effective email marketing, higher engagement rates, and more placements. 

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