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Women Diversity & Inclusion

Women Diversity & Inclusion

While women continue to rise in employment and become vital for staffing over half of the workforce, they still continue to experience many struggles and challenges to inclusion. Yulia, the CTO of SheJobs, explains the roadblocks to equality in the workforce and how companies like hers help women succeed in their careers.

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Presenter: Yulia Belogorskaya (CTO, SheJobs)

In the past 20 years, women have skyrocketed in employment. In fact, over 50% of American jobs were held by women in 2020.

Yet, despite their prominence and importance in the workplace, women continue to experience inequality and discrimination that keep them from having their most successful careers. This is especially true in the technology sector, where jobs are usually dominated by men.

COVID brought out new challenges and affected women disproportionally. However, they only highlighted and exacerbated the inequalities women have been suffering for years.

There are companies, though, that are trying to get it right. However, women struggle to find inclusive companies and find the right skills to get their dream jobs. Here are some ways women experience challenges in the workforce, how SheJobs can help, and women’s future in the modern world of work.

Challenge to Equality: The Problems We See

Women, especially mothers, are seen as the nurturers of the world. As a result, they are unfairly expected to be the sole caregiver in their families and then penalized for it at work. Women often struggle with balancing their caregiving expectations with their career aspirations.

Some of the challenges to equality in the workforce include:

  • Unset goals for gender diversity
  • Hiring bias
  • Declining women leadership
  • Domestic-unfriendly HR policies and job exits
  • Increased childcare and homeschooling with COVID
  • Lack of reskilling programs, non-sponsorship, and opportunities

SheJobs seeks to disrupt these issues by providing women with the information, skills, and access to jobs to help support their goals and life.

How SheJobs Can Help

Some companies seek to achieve gender diversity and want women that are the right fit for them. SheJobs works by connecting women with these women-friendly companies to benefit both employees and employers.

SheJobs accomplishes this mutually beneficial goal in a number of ways:

  • Focused Job Portal. SheJob’s job portal makes it quick and easy for employers to post jobs, search for potential candidates, and drive personalized and bulk recruitments. Job seekers can create structured profiles that show off their skills and experience, present screened video introductions, and easily search and apply for jobs.
  • Reskilling Programs. There are many times when acquiring new skills is necessary to secure the right job. SheJobs provides mentorship programs, as well as online training in web, testing, and digital. Members can access expert help and consulting from tech gurus, entrepreneurs, and life coaches to achieve their aspirations.
  • Assistive HR consulting. HR policies can often make it difficult for women to get the help they need for work-life balance. SheJobs can help companies provide pro-women HR policies to create a more inclusive workplace. They offer a collaborative and customized policy asset library to consider women’s work-life needs, productivity, and growth. They also have potent partnerships for great reskilling programs, special recruitment drives, and interactive webinars for women.
  • Community Activities. SheJob’s partners with quality associations through their Private Social Networks. Their digital magazines and newsletters are backed by many authors who empathize with the women workforce and provide valuable information to both women and companies that want gender diversity.

By attacking the challenges on several fronts, SheJobs provides women with the tools and skills they need to achieve their career aspirations. By partnering with both companies and applicants, they are shaping the future of the workforce and providing women with valuable opportunities for career growth.