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Tammy Cohen

Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, InfoMart

Tammy Cohen, a background screening pioneer with three decades of experience, is a nationally honored entrepreneur, a successful businesswoman, and a recognized thought leader.

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of InfoMart, Tammy is known professionally as the Queen of Screen and was named among ""Atlanta's Top 20 Women-Owned Firms” and “Top 500 Women-Owned Businesses in the US.” Recently, she was recognized as the Most Influential Woman in Background Screening. She lends her expertise to renowned publications, including contributions to Forbes, HR Executive, HR Technologist, and a profile in Authority Magazine.

Driven by her passion, InfoMart continues to be instrumental in the development of processes and technology that are now the industry standard, including ASAP ID, a mobile ID authentication application that utilizes biometric technology to simplify onboarding. Cohen’s drive has modernized hiring and given her clients a competitive edge when recruiting top talent.

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